Navarra will only allow trips between December 23 and 26 and between December 30 and January 2




The Minister of Health of the Government of Navarra, Santos Induráin, recalled this Thursday in the plenary session of Parliament that, in view of the measures to be adopted in the next Christmas, It remains in Navarra the perimeter closure and two temporary windows will open for displacements of people who are going to meet with relatives and relatives, “restricting it between the December 23 and 26 and between the December 30 and January 2“. The curfew will be the nights of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve at 1.30 am and the meetings, of two convivial units with a maximum of 10 people, “recommending that as few as possible meet.”

The counselor insisted this Thursday on asking for “maximum caution and prudence” in the face of Christmas and has advocated for “applying gradual and partial steps that consolidate the achievements in terms of contagion and of care impact. “In his opinion, it is necessary” to find a balance between being conservative and restrictive with some flexibility, in which we are working with different sectors. “

Induráin has responded in plenary session of Parliament to an oral question from PSN on the measures to be adopted in the next in relation to the Covid-19 and has assured that these will be Christmas “different”, in which he asked that “we get together as little and as little as possible”. “It is not mandatory to push the margins allowed to the maximum,” he said.

Three deceased

The counselor explained that it is her intention to update the current regulations to “set a scenario for the end of the year and the start of January” and recalled that “the Christmas it is included in this broader time frame. “

Induráin pointed out that “it is important to get the citizens involved” and that “they are working on it.” “Our approach is to address the christmas period within a logic that comes from behind and will be projected beyond the festive dates, “he commented.

Navarra detected 88 new positive cases of COVID-19 infection yesterday, according to data provided by the Navarra Institute of Public and Labor Health (ISPLN), with 5.3% positives.

From the epidemiological point of view of the evolution of the pandemic, yesterday there were three new admissions related to this disease in the Foral Community, none in FIA. On the other hand, yesterday there were three deaths related to the COVID-19, corresponding to two women, 63 and 95 years old, and a man, 85 years old. The total number of confirmed deaths from this cause reaches 915.

By zones, in Pamplona / Iruña and Comarca 71% of the positives are registered. From the perspective of hospital occupation, 153 people remain admitted, 24 of which are in ICU positions. The accumulated incidence of virus infections, according to daily reports, stands in Navarra at 40,489 cases.

Screenings in Valtierra and Cascante

On the other hand, the Department of Health will carry out this Friday and Saturday 12, both screened detection of COVID-19 in the riverside towns of Valtierra and Cascante. Specifically, the tests will be carried out with antigen test to people 65 years of age and older, who will be previously scheduled by phone.

In collaboration with the town councils of both towns, the tests will be carried out by professionals Out-of-Hospital Emergency Service of the Navarre Health Service-Osasunbidea, tomorrow morning at the sports center in Valtierra and on Saturday at the Casa de Cultura de Cascante. There will be approximately 600 people in Valtierra and 700 in Cascante those mentioned for these two screenings.

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