Navarra will request a responsible declaration to leave or enter the community at Christmas




Who wants to leave or enter Navarra in Christmas To meet with your family or relatives, you must sign a declaration of responsibility stating that you are traveling for this purpose, a document that can be downloaded on the pages of the Administrations. This was detailed in a press conference by the General Director of Health of the Regional Government, Carlos Artundo, who has recalled that the entrances or exits of the Foral Community will be between the December 23 and 26 and between January 30 and 2.

Artundo has offered a press conference with the Managing Director of the Public Health Institute of Navarra, Marian Nuin, in which it has specified that it is trying to reach a consensus on said certificate with the neighboring Communities, which can be downloaded from Government websites and will have to be signed. “It is about following the recommendations and the norms; controls will be carried out randomly and people have to carry it,” he said.

The Director General of Health has thus recalled that Navarra keeps the perimeter closurely that opens for Christmas from December 23 to 26 and from January 30 to 2, with said accreditation of family member or close friend. In meetings of Christmas Eve and New Years Eve Two convivial units and up to 10 people are allowed and the curfew increases at 1.30 am.

Events involving crowds and public presence in the streets are suspended on Christmas dates, such as horseback riding or olentzeros. Acts will be allowed in some municipalities such as the presence of kings on horseback through the streets without public, who will be able to see them through windows or balconies. The Kings Day no flexibility is contemplated in the specific regulation of meetings or hours.

Artundo has remarked that this must be a Christmas “different”, “more intimate, closer, more austere, more essential, more authentic and with the hope that Christmas next year can be celebrated by all and once the pandemic is over.” “But in the meantime, it touches the maximum of prudence, head, common sense and intelligence, and what is authorized as maximum is not what must necessarily be done,” he said.

In this sense, he has commented that “the fewer people the better, if they can be the cohabitants is the ideal”. “There are people alone and we will have to accompany them but always in this context and the need to do things well so that we do not speak of the third wave,” he said, to advocate for a Christmas “within the conditions that the pandemic“.

Increase in capacity

The current regulations in Navarra Due to the pandemic, it will be made more flexible next week and, although it is not yet closed, it contemplates measures that authorize the public in sport “with conditions and security guarantees that the INDJ will establish.” They expand gauges, “going from groups of 10 to 15 in the open air, and from 6 to 10 indoors” or the authorization of showers.

In commerce, capacity increases and in small businesses it goes from 30 to 40 percent; and in nursing homes, the visiting regime and exits are made more flexible in exceptional cases. Artundo recalled that social health workers will be tested, that “it will begin next week with those from large public residences and will continue with the rest.”

Among other flexibilities, he has commented that in children’s parks the capacity goes from 50 to 75 percent outdoors; in academies, from 40 to 50 percent; same as in Hotels. In cinemas or theaters the capacity is expanded from 40 to 50 percent with a maximum of 200 people indoors and 400 outdoors; and in museums and exhibition halls, from 40 to 50 percent.

On hostelry in Navarra, and after allowing the interiors to open from next Thursday with a capacity of 30 percent, Artundo has said that “hopefully in 15 days, by the end of the year, we will be at medium risk in Navarra and we can go to 50 percent of the capacity “. “That would mean that we would be better and that the sector could work more,” he commented, to point out that “these are not arbitrary decisions, which are negotiable, they are based on a roadmap, ours, and that leads us to others”. As he has said, Navarrese hoteliers “will tell us that we are the most restrictive, but if we look at any CCAA or other countries, we are less”.

Artundo has pointed out that they make a “bet” on the hotel industry and “we have to support and help what we can”. “Although the vast majority do it luxury, it is obvious that it is a sector of activity with risky actions on the part of customers,” he said, to comment that “any support from citizens is welcome.”

The general director wanted to “thank society because if we are where we are, it is because of a collective effort by citizens.” “But we are still at high risk and we have not yet reached where we have to go,” he said, to point out that “it is essential to manage and control the pandemic even though we are restrictive; we are risking lives and the impact on the economy, that means jobs, life and future “.

High risk

The managing director of the Public Health Institute of Navarra, Marian Nuin, has detailed that this Thursday the Autonomous Community has registered 106 cases of Covid-19 with 1,909 PCR and antigen tests and a positivity rate of 5.5 percent. In the hospital occupation, it has indicated that there are 161 hospitalized people, 8 more people, and in ICU, 21 admitted, 3 less.

In week 49, he said, 606 cases have been confirmed, “with a rate of new diagnoses of 92 cases per 100,000 inhabitants and the trend is downward.” In relation to the indicators of Ministry of Health, as of December 7, Nuin commented that “we have a cumulative incidence at 14 days of 221 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which implies a high risk assessment; a cumulative incidence at 7 days of 92 cases, also in high risk”.

The Director General of Health of the Government of Navarra, Carlos Artundo, and the Managing Director of the Institute of Public and Labor Health, Marian Nuin, have appeared this Friday at a press conference to assess the current epidemiological situation of COVID-19 in Navarra, as well such as the sectoral meetings held this week with representatives of the sports and hospitality sector

Artundo has advanced that in the controls at Christmas the condition of family member or close friend will be credited with a responsible statement. This document will be agreed shortly by all the autonomous communities and will be available on the institutional websites

The Director of Health has started his press conference with a message to the public. “If we are where we are, it is for a collective effort. Thank you,” he said.

Referring to complaints from the hospitality sector, he explained that “we understand all the interests at stake but we have to protect the safety of the community as a whole.”

Navarrese hoteliers qualify as “madness Navarrese innkeepers qualify as” madness “restrict capacity to 30%

“In the hospitality industry, risk actions are taken by customers, whether we want to or not,” he explained.

Artundo has advanced the next flexibilization measures that in the next few days will be specified and expanded in a regional order:

Public presence and expansion of capacity in sport

Increase in trade capacity

In residences the visiting regime is made more flexible

About Christmas, he has reviewed some of the measures that will be implemented and that some of them were already advanced by the counselor Santos Induráin:

The perimeter closure is lifted from December 23 to 26 and between December 30 and January 2

In the controls, the condition of family member or close friend will be accredited with a responsible statement

The term “close friend” is maintained in the permits to travel

Curfew at 1.30 on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve

Suspension of acts that involve crowds in the streets such as horseback riding.

No specific regulation is contemplated for Three Kings Day

“Christmas must necessarily be different. We can take advantage of it to make it more authentic, with the hope that we are all in Christmas 2021,” Artundo added about the upcoming holidays.

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