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Yesterday around 23 hours, Navara Firefighters announced that it was raining in the area of ​​the fire area of ​​the Lesaka andBera, started on Saturday morning, and declared it extinct. The rains during the late night have spread throughout much of the Autonomous Community, with snow in some areas. Firefighting teams hoped that the rain would help end a fire that was difficult to control in the area and due to the wind speed recorded these days.

Likewise, the firefighters have reported, all the deployed device has been withdrawn. Yesterday afternoon the fire was considered stabilized but it was still feared that some lights could be rekindled if the rain did not prevent it. The mayor of Bera, Aitor Elexpuru, said yesterday that it could have been caused by having jumped in the area of Bera and another focus on Lesaka. Although it is also true that there were outbreaks in different areas, in this northern area of Navarra, further away to those points. Firefighters and the Provincial Police are investigating in any case, the causes of the fire that has finally affected some 1,800 hectares, with flames that spread to the border area of Guipuzcoa Y France. Although the Gipuzkoan authorities did not indicate anything in this regard in the early hours of the afternoon, yesterday Sunday, in the Irún area it was necessary to evacuate some villages as a precaution, without there being any injuries to regret. In the case of Guipúzco, they estimated 300 hectares affected.

From this, it indicated Government of Navarra, At this time, the affected surface will be accurately evaluated. Likewise, technicians from Environment and staff of Forest Nursery they will check the degree of affectation in the trees. The speed at which the flames advanced suggests that they could have only burned the outer layer of a good part of the logs, due to having been exposed for a relatively short time to intense heat. The affected part in Navarra include oak groves, reforestation pine forests, oteas, pastures and scrub.

Good coordination

The troops displaced by the Military Emergency Unit returned this Sunday to their base in Zaragoza. Given the possibility that the force of the wind would diminish, the Ministry for Ecological Transition the dispatch of aerial means to which the helicopters of the Government of Navarra, but the weather conditions did not exist to be able to fly safely.

The President María Chivite he moved to Bera this Sunday afternoon to visit the area affected by the fire. Accompanied by the general director of the Interior, Amparo López, and the director of the Civil Protection Service, José Javier Boulandier, met at the forward command post with those responsible for Firefighters, UME, Forest Nursery, Foral Police, Civil Guard and volunteers who are members of the operation. He also spoke with the mayors of Bera, Aitor Elexpuru, and Lesaka, Ladis Satrustegi, who offered their collaboration to help clarify the causes of the fire. Chivite reported that the president of the central government, Pedro Sanchez, had been interested in the situation, and had also talked to the lehendakari Iñigo Urkullu, in an interview in which both had positively valued the operational coordination of the resources of both communities. María Chivite once again thanked the efforts of all the participants in the fire extinguishing work.

The joint planning of the actions has made it possible to stabilize the fire during the night and control some flanks, such as that of Baztan assigned to the UME or that of the north in which the firefighters of several Navarrese parks that were out of service and They have responded to the appeal of those responsible for the service, which sought to preserve the daily shifts in the parks in case other fires were declared as happened yesterday. Also working in the personal area of ​​the Forest Guard and agents of the Provincial Police and Civil Guard, as well as volunteers from the Red Cross.

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