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The Parliament of Navarra hosted on Saturday the signing of the Navarro Pact against Poverty and Inequality 2021-2030. It is a document that, as a result of the agreement adopted in the framework of the commemoration of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty of the year 2019 between Parliament of Navarra and the Platform of Social Entities (PES), renews, updates and extends the commitments acquired in 2007.

The event took place in the Plenary Hall and was attended by the members of the Bureau and Board of Spokespersons of Parliament, of the spokespersons of the Commission on Social Rights, as well as a representation of the different associations that make up the Platform of Social Entities (PES).

The opening of the act was carried out by the President of the Social Rights Commission, Arantza Biurrun, who framed the pact in the “ethical, social, political and economic imperative to eradicate poverty and inequality and improve social cohesion”, and whose purpose is to advance in the direction set by the objectives set out in the Agenda 2030.

In this regard, Biurrun advocated building a healthier society, giving childhood a chance and eradicating aporophobia. “We have tools, we have the will, we have a roadmap. I invite you to pay off a debt, the one we have with those who are, or have led, to the tremendous abyss of poverty and inequality ”.

Following, Mariluz sanz, on behalf of the Platform of Social Entities, highlighted that the Navarre Pact to fight Poverty and Inequality the ambitious horizon of being the roadmap of Navarra by 2030, a roadmap that “will serve as a guide for the implementation by Government of Navarra of the Sustainable Development Goals, and that also lays the foundations for carrying out scheduled evaluations that check the progress on the commitments made in the document ”.

After acknowledging that its objectives were “more ambitious”, Sanz has valued as “satisfactory” the process and the result after months of negotiation, thanking Parliament for its commitment in promoting the development of this “broader and more complete” document that the former, and which aims to respond to all people, in addition to proposing the social and solidarity economy as a tool for this purpose.

Finally, the spokesperson for the PES He pointed out that said pact is “proof that the fight against poverty and inequality is a goal shared by all Navarran society. The role of PES it will be to ensure compliance with the pact in order not to leave anyone behind ”.

Against aporophobia

Then Unai Hualde, President of the Parliament of Navarra, the spokespersons for the Social Rights Commission Jorge Esparza (Navarra Suma), Nuria Medina (PSN), Isabel Aramburu (Geroa Bai), Patricia Perales (EH Bildu), Ainhoa ​​Aznárez (Podemos -Ahal Dugu) and Marisa de Simón (Left-Ezkerra), and representatives of the PLataforma de Entidades Mari Luz Sanz (CERMIN), Francisco Javier Abad (NGO Coordinator), Natalia Zaro (REAS) and Alberto Urteaga (Navarra Network to Fight Poverty and Social Exclusion), signed the document.

Unai Hualde closed the event by highlighting that, “far from the political differences, an agreement has been reached that commits the political formations and this Parliament to carry it out from now until 2030. This pact goes further because it must be fulfilled independently of the formations that we are represented in this Parliament even in the Government of Navarra”.

In this regard, the President of Parliament stated that Navarre society has always stood out for being supportive and “has a strong social fabric that, together with the institutions, works to achieve Navarra free from aporophobia ”.

To monitor the development of the measures contained in this Pact, a monitoring commission is established, which will meet once every six months, and which will be made up of a presidency, a person representing each parliamentary group, a person representing each entity that makes up the PES and the person who holds the Technical Secretariat at that time.

The Platform of Social Entities (PES) is made up of the Committee of Representative Entities of People with Disabilities (CERMIN), the Alternative and Solidarity Economy Network (REAS), the NGO Coordinator for Development (CONGDN) and the Navarra Network to Fight Poverty and Social Exclusion.

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