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Tom CruiseHe did something totally normal on Saturday night: He attended a baseball game with his son and social media went wild. For an actor used to certain extravagances, participating in a mundane social event is strange. However, he has always enjoyed sports. In fact, Real Madrid fans will remember the hours he spent in the Madrid team’s box with his friend David Beckham.

For baseball fans it was not so much his presence, but his physical appearance that caught their attention. “He looks like a double” said many of his followers who saw the videos recorded by those attending the match. “Get my Mission Imposible money back,” asked another. And the most daring wondered: «What has been injected in the cheeks? it looks like a squirrel. The society journalist Perez Hilton mocked that Cruise channel the late comedian Norm Macdonald while others questioned if the actor had gained weight.

Cruise appeared with his son Connor, 26, at Oracle Park in San Francisco, where the Giants baseball team faced the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is true that the roundness of his face suggested that hours before he had passed by the chair of his plastic surgeon, but Cruise He has denied for years having done any work on his face.

Cruise denies the tinkering

Make no mistake, Hollywood actors are no strangers to plastic surgery, the last questioned has been Zac Efron, who generated curiosity a few months ago. As for Cruise, the first plastic surgery rumors jumped in 2021, and although he denied any “retouching” his fellow actor Cuba Gooding Jr. made it clear that Tom had done “something.” “I don’t know what has been done. , but I remember the day I surprised him at his house and his face was full of dots; I asked him if he was okay and he replied that he didn’t know I was going to visit him. The rumors grew in 2016, when he appeared differently at the 2016 BAFTA awards. Even so, Tom remains firm in his refusal and has even said in Playboy magazine that he has not undergone surgery and that “he never will” .

According to medical specialists, who deny giving his name for fear of a complaint from the actor, Cruise lies. “His face shows a certain desperation to retain the youthful appearance that made him famous. She is a star who wants to maintain her appearance as she approaches sixty. ” These surgeons assure that he has undergone hair transplants, a couple of nose operations and has undergone filler injections. New York City Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Yoel Shahar |, believes that Cruise: “There has been a significant improvement in the neck.” Compared to previous photos of the actor, “the wrinkles on the neck are now vertical and the skin is tighter. They yanked him behind the ear. Noting Tom’s more defined jaw line, Dr. Shahar assured the National Enquirer that “the skin is tighter than it has been in recent years.”

Definitely, Tom Cruise He is one of the most recognized actors in the world. The Hollywood heartthrob is one of the highest grossing movie stars of all time, having starred in ‘Risky Business’, ‘Top Gun’ and the ‘Mission Impossible’ saga. Few actors impress so much with their magnetism at short distances as Cruise, the same Nicole Kidman, to whom he was married for 9 years, admitted that he left her speechless the first time she saw him. His meteoric rise to fame is due precisely to his magnetism, Cruise He never attended acting classes at film school and was only 19 years old when he signed with a major Hollywood agency.

Paula Wagner, his agent at the time, revealed that what he lacked in experience he made up for with charm. With a fortune approaching a billion dollars, there is no other player in the industry who has managed to maintain his star for four decades. No wonder the actor’s obsession with denying the greatest in terms of his surgical work, in fact, he tops one of the strangest lists that are made in Hollywood, that of faces frozen by injections. Of the 10 most frozen faces in Hollywood, Cruise He takes the accolade trying to look 30 when he’s about to turn 60.

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