neither New Year’s Eve Chimes nor Three Kings Parade




The Valencia City Council has announced that it will not celebrate the Chimes festival this year due to the coronavirus. Despite the fact that the night curfew will be extended until one in the morning on January 1, the traditional New Year’s Eve party will not be able to be mounted in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, because the Valencian Government proposed that large-scale Christmas events be not authorized .

This Saturday, December 5, the Valencian government decide what are the new restrictions that will serve to stop the spread of the Covid-19. It is expected that, as reported by ABC, the number of people in family gatherings will be expanded to ten and the night curfew will be extended until one in the morning, on December 24, 25 and 31 and December 1, 5 and January 6th.

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However, also some of the measurements for Christmas agreed in the Interterritorial Council of Health, since the number of people in social gatherings will not be increased, it will remain at six.

According to the Kings Parade, the City Council presented a proposal to the Department of Health to be able to celebrate it with seated spectators, as in the Battle of Flores. However, the Valencian Government rejected this proposal because it was a massive event, although it opened the door to «static» horseback riding, as is done, for example, in visits to monumental nativity scenes, with capacity controls and a marked route.

In this regard, the Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, highlighted a few days ago that the consistory is working on a static model, taking into account the health situation due to the pandemic of Covid-19.

[La Generalitat aprueba este sábado las restricciones para las fiestas]

Along the same lines, due to the level of health alert in which the Valencian Community is found -the highest and with the highest positivity rate in Spain-, the Generalitat considers that popular races such as the traditional one should not be carried out San Silvestre.

Last year a total of 146 San Silvestre races were held in the Valencian Community, which had 106,000 runners, which this year will be canceled due to restrictions in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. Valencia is the province that brought together the most tests, with eighty, followed by Alicante with 34 and Castellón with 32.

In order not to lose tradition, from the organization, EDP has provided a tool to celebrate the races in a virtual way, as will the Cursa Popular San Silvestre de Castellón, the Requense, the Utielana or the Alcoyana.

The latest update of Ministry of Tonity As of December 4, it shows that the Valencian Community has the highest positivity rate in Spain, with 14.36 percent. Regarding the cumulative incidence of coronavirus in the last fourteen days, it was 232.64 positives per 100,000 inhabitants; while the national average is 231.11 cases.

Likewise, regarding the healthcare pressure, the beds on the floor occupied by patients with coronavirus are 10.7 percent; while in ICU beds the occupation of patients Covid-19 it amounts to 27.29 percent.

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