Nets set aside Kyrie Irving for refusal to get vaccinated



The pressures of the last few days have not subdued the convictions of Kyrie Irving, determined not to get vaccinated even though it may cost him his second ring in the NBA. The base, one of the stars of the Nets -The great favorites for the title in the season that is about to begin-, he was permanently separated from the team today until he reconsiders his decision not to be immunized against Covid-19 or until the city of New York End the law that prevents anyone who has not received at least one dose from entering a closed sports venue.

Ten days before the start of the regular league, the Nets decided today to end the uncertainty that hung over the team. It was still up in the air whether the franchise would allow Irving to play only the games outside the Barclays Center, something that was ultimately ruled out. It’s a statement, The Brooklyn team announced that Irving was removed from all team activities – training sessions or games – until he could be a full-fledged player. That is, until it can be used like the rest in all the games that the coach decides.

“Given the complicated nature of the situation and after hard deliberation, we have decided that Kyrie Irving will not play or train with the team until he is fully available to the coach. Kyrie has made a personal choice that we respect, but it restricts her eligibility and we will not allow any team member to participate in a partial way.. We believe that it is essential to create good team chemistry. We thus remain true to our values ​​of sacrifice and unity. This does not change our objective in the championship, but we believe that to achieve it each member of the organization must row in the same direction, “explained the statement signed by Sean Marks, general manager of the Nets.

A decisive meeting

After several days trying to save the situation, and seeing that it was impossible to make Irving change his mind, those responsible for the organization sought to obtain the opinion of all levels of the franchise, including the locker room, where the voices of Kevin Durant and James Harden they have been decisive. The other two stars of the team will now be forced to take greater responsibility in the titanic task of bringing the title to Brooklyn.

Meanwhile, Irving’s situation within the Nets is very complicated. With a guaranteed contract for the next two seasons and a pending salary of 60 million euros, His transfer seems very complicated and more taking into account that non-vaccinated players in the NBA must comply with a series of restrictions that will force them to travel separately from the rest of their teammates and not their compatriots, among other measures.

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