New concentration of unions because the Government does not have them in the face of Covid-19




Unions Afapna, CCOO, ELA, LAB, Satse, SAE y UGT have gathered this Tuesday in front of the doors of the Conde Oliveto health center, in Pamplona, ​​to demand “decent working conditions” and ask the Government Health Department Foral that counts on them in decision making. The concentration takes place on a day in which the Executive has suspended a presentation on the pandemic and two days before the social health workers receive the Gold Medal, as announced by the Government of Navarra. Yesterday, 67 new cases of Covid-19 had been registered and 9 deaths were reported, which now reaches 886 people killed by this pandemic.

Itziar Pérez, delegate of UGT, has stated, in statements to the media, that “the current situation of the pandemic has highlighted the structural deficiencies of the Navarrese health system“and has warned that” in the nine months of the pandemic there has been only one Health sector table and decisions are being taken unilaterally without counting on us, so we ask for a negotiation and that there be periodicity in the sectoral tables. “

After these unions offered a press conference last week and before the concentration on Tuesday, there has been no news from the Government. “There has only been one sectoral table, on June 3, in the nine months of the pandemic. They are making the decisions that affect workers without counting on the unions. And we are asking that we be part of this,” Itziar Pérez has indicated. The unions, which have gathered with a banner that read ‘Dignified working conditions = quality public health’, will gather again on December 10, on that occasion in front of the hospitals.

Begoña Ruiz, representative of the Union of Nursing Technicians (SAE), has affirmed that “the situation that had been denounced since 2010 has become more evident in the pandemic, with long and short shifts, precarious contracts, public employment offers that do not cover the need, non-dimensioned templates, structures to attend to the population that they are not in accordance with the situation they have, and even the portfolio of services is not updated with the professions that we have. ” Thus, Begoña Ruiz has assured that “we find ourselves in a situation in which the need to reformulate the entire Navarrese health system has become more evident and evident and to return to being what it should be, a public system that be of quality and have decent working conditions, which will directly revert to the population. “

Furthermore, Ruiz stressed that “Primary care it is the key point, the gateway for citizens, and this is where you have to invest. “” The eventuality rate among professionals is very high and they can’t cope with the whole situation. People are exhausted. It is not only because of the situation of the pandemic, but that it had already come before, “he assured.

67 new cases and 9 deaths

Navarra yesterday detected 67 new positive cases of infection by COVID-19, after performing 1,452 tests in the public health system (926 PCR and 526 antigen test), with 4.6% positives.

Navarra continues to be, for yet another week, the autonomous community with the most diagnostic tests for COVID-19 performed in relation to its population: 705.30 per 1,000 inhabitants, according to the official statistics of the Ministry of Health. The state average is 386.04 per thousand inhabitants.

From the perspective of hospital occupation, according to the Navarre Health Service, 173 people remain admitted, 33 of which are in jobs FIA (two less than yesterday). The cumulative incidence of virus infections stands at Navarra in 39,737 cases.

On the other hand, according to data from Department of Social Rights the downward trend in active cases continues due to COVID-19 in senior centers, with 78 at this time.

Most of the positives remain in residences and have not required hospitalization, specifically 58, of which 41 present some type of symptom and 17 are asymptomatic. Another 12 have been transferred to intermediate resources and 8 people have required hospital admission. On the other hand, epidemiological discharges have already reached 379 people.

Regarding the loss of professionals, there are currently 36 workers, 31 symptomatic and 5 without symptoms. Since last July 1, 91 elderly people have died from residential centers, 53 in hospitals and 38 in the residence itself.

The disability centers continue without active cases and without new deaths, 3 since last July 1. Workers who have been sick due to COVID-19 in these centers, 9 at this time, symptomatic 8 and asymptomatic 1.

Likewise, there are 867 Kindergarten and Primary students isolated in their homes. They constitute 1.40% of the total number of students in both cycles.

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