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The Mazda CX-5, the brand’s best-selling model worldwide, receives a profound renovation that will hit the market in early 2022. The car shows a whole battery of novelties aimed at reinforce your premium image. Among them, the introduction of improvements in the dynamic behavior, in the design and a greater differentiation between the different trim levels stands out. In the same way, its interior functionality will be improved, in addition to offering new security features.

In the technical section, it will offer for the first time in its gasoline versions with automatic transmission a driving mode selector called Mazda Intelligent Drive (Mi-Drive), which allows the driver to select the most suitable driving mode at the push of a button. In the event that the model includes the i-Activ AWD all-wheel drive system, the Mi-Drive selector will additionally count with an off-road way, which provides a more natural touch on unpaved surfaces and firm slippery surfaces.

Mazda has subjected the Mazda CX-5 2022 to a major overhaul of its Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture platform. The rigidity of the chassis and body has been increased, thereby reducing elastic vibration, as well as improving the soundproofing of the passenger compartment. In the case of the suspension, both the springs and the shock absorbers have been revised to improve the distribution of support, achieving a significant increase in road response and comfort, especially when driving on uneven surfaces. The seats have been redesigned to achieve a more natural body balance and reduce driver fatigue. The result of all these measures has made it possible to significantly improve both driving dynamics and general ride comfort.

In the aesthetic section, the front section of the Mazda CX-5 2022 presents the characteristic wing-shaped grille, with a new design more shocking and three-dimensional. The front and rear light clusters have also been redesigned, and the new Zircon Sand shade has been added to the color range. The model is available in six new trim levels, with notable differences that define very different personalities: Origin, Evolution, Newground, Zenith, Homura and Signature.

Among the innovations in the i-Activsense safety systems equipment, the new model incorporates a Cruise and Traffic Assistant (CTS). The CTS is intended to reduce driver fatigue; It does this by assisting the accelerator, brake pedal and steering wheel movements in slow traffic situations. Finally, Adaptive Smart Full LED Headlights (ALH) have also evolved from arrays of 12 to 20 LED modules to control light distribution with greater precision.

In the mechanical section, the Mazda CX-5 2022 will offer two Skyactiv-G engines of 165 and 194 hp with cylinder deactivation system ** to improve its efficiency and as many diesel mechanics of 150 and 184 CV. Depending on the engine, there is a choice between manual and six-speed automatic transmission, in addition to being available the i-ACTIV AWD all-wheel drive system in the high-power units.

The Mazda CX-5 2022 will arrive at the official dealerships of the brand from next January and will be priced at part of the 30,900 euros.

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