new restrictions and vaccination schedule by age groups starting this Monday


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10:30The Valencian Community is consolidated among the regions of the world with the lowest incidence of coronavirus
Autonomy resists the rebound in Covid-19 infections after the Easter holidays.
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10:15From the “last” to be vaccinated to the first in her government: Ximo Puig’s Minister of Health changes her plans
Ana Barceló will receive the first dose against the coronavirus next week within her age group after stating in January that she would be the last to do so.
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10:00What can and cannot be done in Valencia from this Monday due to coronavirus restrictions
The Generalitat Valenciana continues with a “prudent” de-escalation and the limitations last until the end of April.
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09:45These are the next population groups that will receive the AstraZeneca, Pfizer and Moderna vaccines in Valencia
The Valencian Community will administer more than 213,000 doses against the coronavirus during the week of April 12 to 18.
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09:30Pedro Cavadas and the lessons on the coronavirus vaccine
“The Valencian surgeon, at 55 years old and as a practicing physician in private health, has preached by example and has already been vaccinated.”
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09:15The new cases of coronavirus in Valencia are multiplied by four compared to last Sunday
The Ministry of Health detects 147 infections of Covid-19 since the last update.
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09:00Ximo Puig will maintain the perimeter closure of the Valencian Community until the May bridge in Madrid
The Generalitat sets for the day after the holidays in the capital of Spain the last revision of the mobility restrictions before the end of the state of alarm.
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08:45Work calendar and the new restrictions in Valencia: where is a holiday on San Vicente Monday
The decree of the Generalitat enters into force on April 12 in a day declared as non-working in many municipalities.
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08:30The omens of Pedro Cavadas on the adverse effects of coronavirus vaccines and Sputnik
«If we want something fast, we have to accept that it will not be so safe and that adverse effects will appear. Therefore, it will not be necessary to be so alarmed and accept that the one who touches him has touched him ».
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