new rules for the use of the mask from Saturday, June 26


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08:192021 work calendar in Valencia: June 24 and holidays and bridges for the whole summer
Summer begins in the Valencian Community with a regional holiday on San Juan’s day. The 2021 business calendar picks up Thursday June 24 as a paid and recoverable holiday for the entire region.
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08:19New rules for the use of the mask from June 26
The Generalitat Valenciana will adapt its regulations on el use of the mask to the decree of the Government that will lift its mandatory use outdoors. However, you will have to wear the mask in the case of crowds, as long as you cannot keep the safety distance and public transport. In parallel, the Executive of Ximo Puig will wait until next week to decide and announce the new measures and restrictions for the coronavirus that will take effect from July 1.

08:19The omen of Dr. Pedro Cavadas after receiving the Moderna vaccine: “They gave me the cleaning job”
The doctor Pedro Cavadas placeholder image predicted in October last year, three months before the coronavirus vaccination process began to become generalized in Spain, of the risks involved, in the form of adverse reactions and side effects, the inoculation of doses before the Covid-19 developed with unusual speed.
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08:19A coronavirus outbreak in early June in a Torrevieja nightclub spreads up to 60 infections
The age measure of those affected is 17 years old and Health has screened a hundred party goers.
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08:19Education proposes to vaccinate those over 12 years of age in schools before the new year in Valencia
The Ministry of Vicent Marzà raises this possibility to Health in order to speed up the immunization process of adolescents.
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08:19Beaches closed by municipalities on the Night of San Juan in Valencia, Alicante and Castellón
The measure seeks to avoid agglomerations that violate health regulations by the coronavirus.
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08:19Seeing the sun again after 150 days in the ICU due to the coronavirus
A Valencian patient recounts his departure to outside the hospital five months later: «For me it has been to revive»
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08:19More than 400,000 Valencians have overcome the coronavirus in a region with 14 patients in the ICU
The beginning of the week leaves others two hundred infections and a further decline in hospitalizations.
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08:19Ximo Puig announces the vaccination against the coronavirus of those under 40 years of age from July 17
The President of the Generalitat conditions the start of immunization of the new age group in the Valencian Community at the arrival of doses “with the same intensity.”
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