New vaccination points against the coronavirus in Valencia for the week of October 4 to 10




The Generalitat Valenciana will continue the week of October 4-10 vaccinating in health centers and in spaces or events in which a massive influx of people is expected with the aim of continuing to expand vaccination coverage against the coronavirus. In this sense, it has reached an agreement for the health teams of the Valencian universities to immunize their students on campus.

These strategies are intensified after the completion of mass vaccination, this past week, andn the 133 points distributed by the Valencian Community in which almost 3 million people have been immunized during the seven months that they have been operating, which represents a coverage close to 90 percent of those over 12 years of age, above the national average, as highlighted by the Conselleria in a statement.

The Minister of Health, Ana Barcelo, has pointed out that all age groups have already been cited and has pointed out that some people “have had three or more opportunities to receive the vaccine and specific strategies have been developed to adapt the citation to vacations and the availability of citizenship, but we’re not done yet. “

“After the scheduled vaccination, we are going to continue offering the possibility of getting vaccinated in health centers, mobile points and universities to all those people who have not yet done so for any reason “, he specified.

Thus, the centers of Primary care They maintain an active search strategy for people pending vaccination to start or complete the process. In addition, the Primary teams cite adolescents as they turn 12 years old.

There is also the possibility that it is the person himself who contacts his clinic to get vaccinated. In this sense, Health has announced that “in the coming weeks” the possibility of requesting an appointment for Covid vaccination through the GVA + Salut APP will also be enabled.

In addition, the Department of Universal Health and Public Health continues to administer booster doses to people at risk and residents of centers of the Third Age. In total, 21,241 people in the Valencian Community already have this third dose: 6,362 people with a risk pathology for Covid-19 and 14,592 elderly from residences.

There are also planned new actions aligned with others previously developed, such as the mobile vaccination units that have been moved to the Martínez Valero, Mestalla, Ciutat de València or La Cerámica stadiums for league matches.

Specifically, Health will install temporary vaccination points in events or places with large capacity, like department stores, so that anyone can be immunized without an appointment. The La Salera Shopping Center in Castelló de la Plana was the first to explore this route last Friday, where 117 people were vaccinated.

On the other hand, Health has reached an agreement so that Valencian universities can vaccinate against the Covid-19 to national and foreign students, own personnel, contract workers, external companies and even close friends who have not yet been vaccinated or who have a pending dose.

These vaccination operations on campus will be carried out by the university health personnel, to which Health will supply the doses of the vaccine that are necessary. This is a “comparable” initiative to which the University was already carried out to vaccinate Erasmus students during the month of July.

Whatever the type of vaccination, the goal is “always the same,” he remarks. Health, which is to “catch up with those who have not yet been able or have not wanted to be vaccinated because the vaccine, as evidenced by the current incidence and healthcare pressure, is the best defense against the virus and the best way for each citizen to protect themselves against it. coronavirus, himself and others. “

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