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When he finished his Human Nutrition and Dietetics degree in Seville, at the Pablo de Olavide University, and began to roll in the world of work, Carlos Rios (30 years old) realized that the problem with food was much more serious than he thought. He had to find a more effective way to reach more people in order to help them have a good diet and he found a good way to go on social media. He was not wrong.

Created the Realfooding movement, an eating style that consists of eating real food and battling the ultra-processed ones. Today he is one of the most important nutrition influencers in Spain, followed by more than one and a half million people. Among them, several famous people like Ines Arrimadas, Susanna Griso, Ainhoa ​​Arteta, Santiago Segura, Pablo Rivero, Vanesa Martin and Roberto Leal, who closely follow each advice he offers, together with his team of no more than 20 people, on their social networks. Also in the application he has, which, as he says, is the “nutritionist of the future.”

Despite the countless familiar faces that have publicly declared themselves Realfooding, Ríos is very modest. He assures that he does not pay much attention to that because what he cares about is continuing to help. “No one has asked me for advice, I don’t talk to celebrities, the truth,” he says in an interview with ABC.

For this expert in the field, the great problem of the toxic relationship with food is the food system itself: «From the 70s to the present time, some industries that do not sell food as such, if we define food as something that will help us to improve our health and well-being. They have been growing and taking over our food system. “

He believes that around 70% of the products found in supermarkets today are ultra-processed and that this means that our habits and the way we cook have changed: «This new way of eating influences the diseases we have today: the rates of obesity, cardiovascular diseases, many types of cancer, neurodegenerative ones, type 2 diabetes… ».

Hence, it firmly fights against the ultra-processed although it receives a lot of criticism for that. But the fact that he defends a healthy diet at all costs does not mean that, from time to time, he does not know of some whim, as he admits: «I have my ice cream, my pizzas from time to time, but in my day to day what marks my habits is healthy food ».

His grandmother, his reference

Many of the things he learned are thanks to his grandmother. “It had a lot of influence on the message that I am inspiring today,” she is sincere. When she was studying for a degree, Ríos went to live with her and soaked up all her wisdom: “I didn’t recognize ultra-processed foods, I didn’t consider them as food. In the end, food for her was to cook rich dishes for enjoy with the family and that is what we have lost.

In the time of his grandmother there was not as much availability of food as now but at the same time there were not so many ultra-processed. They didn’t understand calories or nutrients, like her grandmother, and she doesn’t think they needed them. «It is not necessary to study Nutrition to eat healthy and that is the message that I took and adapted to the new generations ”, he emphasizes.

The funny thing is, her own family didn’t appreciate her advice at first until she started to catch on. “Now that so many people listen to me, they do too,” he says, smiling.

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