nurses warn of a third wave of the coronavirus if restrictions are relaxed




The Nursing Council of the Valencian Community (Cecova) has warned of a third wave of infections from coronavirus before the Covid-19 vaccination campaign if sanitary restrictions are relaxed during the Christmas holidays.

The president of the entity, Juan Jose Tirado, has stressed that lowering your guard during the Christmas holidays to promote economic activity and encourage family gatherings “can jeopardize health care and saturate hospitals in January and February.”

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In this context, he has pointed out that Ministry of Health has warned that 92 percent of outbreaks of Covid-19 of social origin in the Valencian Community comes from meetings with family or friends. “A very high figure that must be reduced so as not to harm the nursing professionals who care for the population in hospitals, health centers and nursing homes,” said Tirado. Along the same lines, he stressed that it must be taken “seriously and follow the recommendations to avoid coronavirus infections.”

Faced with the proposals to expand to ten the number of people who can meet on the most special dates of Christmas, the president of Cecova has stressed that the fusion of diverse environments within homes “can contribute to the transmission of the pandemic».

Thus, he pointed out that there is “a greater risk of contagion if three families of two members (six people in total) meet, than if two families of six members (twelve people) meet”, which is why he approves the concept of “family bubble ”, which some regions have already proposed, as a barometer to measure the risk of contagion of coronavirus.

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In this way, “the number of people gathered would not be taken into account, but the number of family units,” he added. In addition, although the regulations allow night mobility until one o’clock in the morning on designated days such as Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, Tirado has begged the public to avoid uncontrolled parties until dawn, or dances or music that gather a crowd in the squares and usual meeting places.

«This self-control will be the most effective measure so that the worst omens of the World Health Organization (WHO) are not fulfilled, which predicts that a relaxation of the social control of the coronavirus would lead to a third wave before starting the vaccination, which is scheduled for the end of January ”, highlighted Tirado.

In addition, he has stated that all the preventive measures: mask, hand washing, physical distance, keep windows and doors open as far as possible and minimize the number of contacts.

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In the same way, it has resulted in family reunions being limited to coexistence groups and that night confinements are maintained, as well as avoid all unnecessary travel and reducing visits to nursing homes “until the decrease in viral load is confirmed.”

As for the Christmas, religious or sports celebrations, such as the San Silvestre popular race, he has indicated that the greater use of public outdoor space should be encouraged. A measure that must also be adopted by cultural events, hospitality and commerce: “Purchases should be made staggered in time and scheduled in advance, and mobility minimized.”

Finally, it has urged the competent administrations to increase the frequency of public transport schedules to the maximum “to avoid crowds, guaranteeing adequate ventilation and that the population complies with preventive measures, which include not talking or eating and using the mask correctly.”

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