“On the roadmap of the Ministry of the Interior was to release 200 people every day”

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The acronyms, in politics, tie. Being subject to the dictates of the large parties reduces independence, on many occasions, to the local leaders. Especially when it comes to contravening the will of the Madrid bosses. This is not the case of Onalia Bueno, the mayor of Mogán -a municipality of 20,000 inhabitants in Gran Canaria-, who did not hesitate yesterday to challenge the Executive by taking the more than 200 immigrants who were evicted from the Arguineguín pier to the gates of the Government Delegation in Las Palmas. Things of being from a small local party.

How do you feel the day after giving a pulse to the Government?

This is like having a continuous adrenaline rush in the body. You cannot let your guard down at any time for the simple reason that if you do, others will relax. As mayor, and although the port is not my responsibility, I have had no choice but to take command. We have been denouncing this injustice since last August 21.

Since then several ministers have paraded there and the situation does not seem to improve.

Everyone has passed through here but nobody brings solutions. There is no way that anyone will agree to various ministers in the largest government we have ever had. Someone will have to slam the table because this is what we need here. You have to make decisions.

Why did you take the front line the other day with the eviction of immigrants?

We are the human shield of our neighbors and that is why we act that way. We couldn’t tolerate it. Improvisation cannot be installed on an immigration issue, we are talking about human persons. This progressive government, whose mouth is full of saying it, has not arrived at the Arguineguín dock, they had to be ashamed.

When and why did you decide to charter buses to take immigrants to the doors of the Government Delegation in Las Palmas?

Once they were off the dock, we gathered them together and talked to their leaders. We asked them what they wanted to do. Many came with a piece of paper and phone numbers that they said were from relatives or friends who were in nearby municipalities. Then those people were called and told that they will arrive at that square. And so it was, but then everything exploded and it happened that they were sent back to tourist complexes (…) Not a script from Santiago would have imagined it that way.

Are you afraid that releases like yesterday’s could be repeated if the boats do not stop arriving?

Fortunately in the Canary Islands we have a regional president who also assumes the functions of government delegate and is the one who raises his voice. And fortunately yesterday he placated the possible release of another 200 immigrants. On the roadmap of the Ministry of the Interior was to release 200 people every day.

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