One of the largest illegal whiskey distillery networks in Spain falls




The Civil Guard and the Tax agency They have dismantled in La Rioja, Jaén and Ciudad Real one of the largest criminal networks dedicated to the illegal production and distribution of whiskey.

If all the merchandise had been smuggled in, the fraud committed to the public treasury by this Spanish-Asian network would have exceeded 800,000 euros and the damage caused to the counterfeit whiskey brand would have amounted to 3.8 million euros.

During the proceedings, a total of fourteen people between 37 and 52 years old, who are considered alleged perpetrators of the crimes of belonging to a criminal organization, falsification of stamped effects, against public finances, industrial property and public health.

In addition, numerous counterfeit effects that the illegal processing and distribution network imported from China to carry out its activity have been intervened.

Among the seized merchandise there are nearly 300,000 counterfeit whiskey bottles, 171,200 counterfeit tax seals – a guarantee for the Public Treasury and the consumer -, 18,400 capsules, 47,660 liters of whiskey and 9,550 liters of alcohol to make the fraudulent product and more than 27,000 boxes with the logo of well-known brands of alcoholic beverages. As well as relevant documentation for the investigation.

Chain counterfeiting

The first base of operations, in Real city, I was run by an Asian businessman that imported fake tax stamps from Asia, as well as large quantities of counterfeit glass bottles, labels and stoppers from a well-known brand. The second base was located in La Rioja, where they were in charge of preparing the alcoholic mixture and bottling it, in a plot where a legal entity linked to the sector of the distribution of alcoholic beverages in La Rioja was used.

Once the material entered the national territory, the arrested businessman diverted the bottles and stoppers to the La Rioja base – run by a family clan. They then proceeded to send the bottles to Ciudad Real where they placed the labels and seals, being ready for distribution. While on the other hand, the Riojan training had a consolidated distribution line in the province of Jaén, for the final marketing of the items that they planned to send.

The detainees, the intervened effects and the proceedings carried out have been made available to the Investigating Court number Three of Calahorra and the Prosecutor’s Office of the Superior Court of Justice of La Rioja.

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