Only in these circumstances can you not use the seat belt in the car




The use of the seat belt, in addition to being common sense, is mandatory on all roads and for all users of the vehicle. It is just as important to use it as it is to do it correctly, since it decreases effectiveness if it is not placed properly. And it is that restraint systems reduce the risk of death in the event of an accident by half, so not wearing belts or child seats is punishes with three points and 200 euros. And it can also cost your life.

In fact, the belt is a mandatory element in Spain with some exceptions, regulated in the General Traffic Regulations (in force since 2003). The validity of some of these exceptions is currently being debated: the one that applies to driving teachers or in-service examiners, the one that exempts drivers when reversing or parking and delivery of goods.

As a general rule, drivers are exempt from using a seatbelt on all roads when reversing or parking and those who certify for serious medical reasons or disability that they are exempted from using it, according to the
General direction of traffic
(DGT). Also, and only on urban roads, taxi drivers when on duty. These, and only in the city, will be able to transport people with a height less than 135 centimeters without using an approved restraint system. Of course, as long as they occupy the rear seats of the vehicle.

Likewise, carriers are exempt when they carry out successive loading and unloading operations in nearby places; drivers and passengers of vehicles in emergency services and persons who accompany a student during the learning to drive or during aptitude tests and are in charge of the controls of the car.

In Spain there is another exemption to the use of a seatbelt: passengers traveling standing on a bus authorized to do so or in the event that this vehicle is not equipped with this safety element

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