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The Queen returned to the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM) on Tuesday to celebrate the 50th anniversary of what was her faculty, Information Sciences.

It was in this temple of the formation of Journalism, Image and Sound and Advertising and Public Relations where Doña Letizia was trained as a journalist between 1990 and 1995. “Coming every day for five years in the 90s leaves a mark,” he recalled.

In the emotional tribute, Mrs. Letizia was named “UCM student of honor” along with other illustrious students such as journalists Pepa Bueno, Álex Grijelmo or Vicente Vallés, the filmmaker Fernando Leon de Arona, the communication consultant Jose Antonio Llorente or the advertisers Mónica Moro and Fernando Rodríguez Varona.

The graduation border of Letizia Ortiz's degree
The graduation border of Letizia Ortiz’s degree – ABC

«I learned many things here, of course how to use the typometer … also in the cafeteria», said Doña Letizia jokingly, referring firstly to the graduated rule that was used to design newspaper pages and to the largest room in the Faculty where it enters cafes flowed the dreams of future journalists.

“I learned a lot of things here, in the classrooms and outside the classrooms. I had great teachers and classmates. It was a great training that I always appreciated, “said the Queen in her speech, who remembered the day she received the letter where she was accepted as a journalism student at the UCM. “All this after passing the Selectividad”.

The Queen told an anecdote about one of the teachers: «Ortiz! Of course Ortiz … I do not know what will become of his life but heavy [por las preguntas que hacía, por la curiosidad] They are not going to beat him, “he recalled while underlining that now he continues to ask” although the answers are no longer counted.

He also had words for the organizers of the event “to get together” in such a special moment as the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Information Sciences, in whose unmistakable and beloved concrete building 5,500 students with 300 teachers currently study.

The Queen developed her professional career as a journalist mainly on CNN +, Bloomberg TV and since 2000 on TVE.

Doña Letizia was accompanied by the Minister of Education, Manuel Castells, the magnificent rector of the UCM, Joaquin Goyache, and the dean of the Faculty, Jorge Clemente, among other authorities, teachers and former students of the Facltad.

“You represent Complutense pride to make Spain much more free, prosperous and just,” said the magnificent rector before presenting the award of “UCM student of honor” to an excited Queen.

For his part, Professor Jorge Clemente Mediavilla, Dean of the Faculty of CC.II. who shared promotion with the Queen, stressed that “technological advances are assuming a change in the communication paradigm that requires continuous transformation, with new titles and renewed plans.”

“Happy Birthday”

The Queen, who tomorrow he turns 49, was received to the beat of “happy birthday” by a group of young people from the Concordia Real Española association who displayed a banner for the occasion in the vicinity of the unmistakable concrete building.

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