Pablo Rivero speaks for the first time about his boyfriend and his son: “It’s no sin”




Although Pablo rivero has been in the life of the Spanish since 2001 as Toni Alcantara From the successful series “Tell me how it happened”, when the television cameras are turned off little is known about the actor who plays this character. The actor has always tried to keep that plot on the sidelines but for a few months he has decided to open up in front of his followers. He did so last September when the interpreter and writer openly announced his homosexuality and introduced his son, of whom few knew of his existence. «You know that I am not very given to publish photos of my private life, especially to keep my loved ones out of the roll that is the media exposure. This does not imply that I have kept my family life a secret. Far from it, I couldn’t be more proud of her. At home we are three boys and we could not be more fortunate for the family that we form and for the wonderful people that we have by our side. Respect, privacy and happiness for all, “he wrote on his Instagram profile next to a black and white image of his family from behind, holding hands and with the sea in the background.

This week, Rivero gave an interview to the magazine “Shangay”, focused on LGTBI issues. «This year has been important for me because I have made my family’s flag. For trying to make visible all the types of families that exist, “he confessed. «I have always been very free. People who know me know that I am very transparent, adding that this “was a time when I thought I had to do it. Every day they come out new LGTBIphobic aggressions and I feel a part of responsibility. So, if I can influence something thanks to social networks, why not tell what my family is like if there are many others like that … “, also” I also thought that any day they could take a photo of us and it would seem that they had caught us, as if I was hiding it, and it is not bad at all.

The magazine “Semana” was the first to publish some images of the couple, a frustrated exclusive Well, the actor published the photo with his family the previous afternoon and the media had already echoed it. “Some spoke of this with headlines that were not correct and that other media were copying. One headline in particular, which is the one closest to me, screwed up when it should have been the most respectful. TVE published ‘Pablo Rivero confesses that he is gay and presents his boyfriend’, or something like that. I was not introducing anyone or confessing anything, it is not a sin. The next morning they had removed it, “he acknowledged. Everything is being misrepresented out of morbid. From news that could be very positive, they tried to get the most twisted out of it. But from these things you learn. Best of all is the amount of mothers and young boys who have thanked me for giving visibility.

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