Paco Núñez presents his candidacy to preside over the PP of Castilla-La Mancha with unanimous support




The PP of Castilla-La Mancha has officially convened its XV Autonomous Congress this Wednesday, which will take place on November 13 in the city of Puertollano, Ana Guarinos will preside (the secretary will be Leandro esteban) and the political presentation ‘We believe in Castilla-La Mancha, we believe in a future in freedom’ will be presented by Augustine Count

The total number of delegates will be 985, with 197 born and 788 elected, of which 29 correspond to New Generations. As for those elected, 150 correspond to Albacete, 210 to Ciudad Real, 108 to the province of Cuenca, 84 to Guadalajara and 207 to Toledo.

After the meeting where the congress has been convened, the president of the regional PP, Paco Nunez, he said, in an act where he has been supported by 400 militants, that the PP «has come to stay and goes out to win the elections, to govern Castilla-La Mancha and to conquer the future »of the Castilian-La Mancha.

It has been in this act of la presentation of his candidacy for re-election as president of the PP of Castilla-La Mancha where he has assured that the XV Autonomous Congress has to serve so that the PP «greases the machinery and says loud and clear that we are going to govern in 2023 hand in hand with all the Castilian-La Mancha people ».

He added that Castilla-La Mancha «is a large, rich, diverse and varied land and that is a« great fortune ». “We believe in the countryside, in our cities, in our historical and environmental heritage, in our people, in our elderly people who are those who have built this region from below, and in our young people who are the future of this land,” he said. added.

“Clear” alternative to Page

In addition to this, Núñez has wanted to transfer to the Castilian-La Mancha society that the PP is ready to rule. “There is a clear and real alternative to the socialist governments that are doing us so much damage,” and he regretted that Page is exhausted and tired and living “with his back to reality”, since it does not worry about the needs of the citizens and “does not fight in Madrid for fundamental issues for Castilla-La Mancha.”

For this reason, Núñez is not “resigned” to having a government “totally removed from reality.” nor does he want the region to “continue to suffer from a government that does not care about its neighbors and that in the worst moments he has left them abandoned. Thus, he has denounced that mayors and spokesmen have had to fight from their municipalities in the middle of the pandemic and help their neighbors “alone”, since, in such a dramatic moment “Page has turned his back on those who were fighting on the front line.”

It has also been asked ‘how is it possible that freelancers and SMEs, who are the economic engine of this land, have had to get ahead on their own without the support of the government. A government that has attacked and criminalized the hotel industry, culture, sports, or merchants. A government, that of Page, that has attacked our roots and traditions and that has disrespected our teachers, doctors, mayors, our elders and that has abandoned the Third Sector. What’s more, Page has also not been able to care about farmers and ranchers. during the hail, the DANA or Filomena ».

Núñez has highlighted that he wants toContinue working with «your hand to build a future of hope and freedom for Castilla-La Mancha. I want to consolidate the alternative of freedom that this land deserves “, and insisted that” today the PP has more enthusiasm, more commitment and more desire to work than ever. I believe in my party, a party of which I am proud and which represents the principles and values ​​in which I have always believed.

He said that he had presented his candidacy “out of responsibility and to offer a serious political alternative and firm management, close and effective with which to look at citizens to offer solutions to their problems. And he wants to do it hand in hand with the mayors, municipal spokespersons and affiliates, with those who every day “raise” the flag of the PP to defend Spain. “

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