Page sets the deadline for Pedro Sánchez to act against the occupation in December




The Government of Castilla-La Mancha, faced with the problems suffered by many municipalities in the region, has dAn ultimatum has been given to the Government of Pedro Sánchez to act against the occupation of homes. He has marked the month of December as the maximum period for him to do legislative movements, although he admits that it is an “uncomfortable” issue for the government coalition, given the position of Podemos.

This has been advanced by the spokeswoman for the regional Executive, Blanca Fernández, during the press conference that she offered this Wednesday to give an account of the agreements approved this week by the Governing Council, a framework in which she explained that the deadline for December is not by chance, since on that date it is one year since the Cortes of Castilla-La Mancha approved the Proposal of law against illegal squatting of homes, with which the regional Executive raised this debate at the state level without the state administration being receptive.

After admitting that in this time there has been “no” reaction whatsoever On the part of the central Executive, it has recognized that it is an “uncomfortable” debate for the coalition government, given the position that Podemos has set on this issue.

“We know the position that Podemos has maintained and the platforms from which Podemos comes. It is a different context where evictions were a real problem for this country, but now we are in another context and the laws must be adapted to the social problems of the moment. You cannot live permanently in the past and today you have to respond to a real problem, which is today, “insisted the spokesperson for the Government of Castilla-La Mancha.

Fernández has indicated that this issue, for the Castilian-La Mancha government, is “a priority, given that many municipalities in the region are affected by a criminal reality ”. “We are talking about mafias that are dedicated to renting and subletting homes that are not theirs, obtaining profit from private property, and causing drug trafficking, crime, public insecurity and neighborhood tensions to occur in many neighborhoods,” Fernández said.

Hence, the García-Page Executive has given a deadline for this issue to be taken “seriously”, warning that it is “Easy to fall into the temptation that this law is a conservative and façade policy.”

“Nothing further from reality. It aims to protect those who with effort have bought a home, sees it squatted and does not have mechanisms to expel those people “, has defended the Minister of Equality, who has added that the norm also intends to provide coverage to municipalities that suffer from citizen insecurity and problems of coexistence so that they can act against the mafias and organized squatting as a criminal system.

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