Palencia is the only capital in which the incidence decreases to be able to reopen the bars




About three weeks have passed since the Junta de Castilla y León pressed the button new restrictions to try to contain the advance of Covid-19 and forced to close the interior of the hotel industry in 21 municipalities, including five capitals, sOnly Palencia among the cities has managed to cut at this time the incidence to return to levels that allow consumption in bars, cafes and restaurants. It is already below the 150 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in the last fourteen days that marked the recommendation of the Ministry of Health to close the interior of the hotel establishments and the gambling and betting establishments and that the regional Executive endorsed.

Palencia capital touches a rate of 137 and has fulfilled the fourteen days that at least had to elapse to lift the restriction, which since it was approved for the first time on April 5 has been adding and removing municipalities to a list that now stretches to 31 and will be reviewed this Monday in the Governing Council extraordinary.

Also pthey could reopen from Tuesday the bars in the interior – yes the terraces and the service at home and local collection are allowed – other municipalities that have already been in force for at least two weeks and that have seen their incidence drop below 150 as Villamayor de Armuña (Salamanca) and El Burgo de Osma (Soria). However, the rest of the capitals in which it prevails still exceed that threshold. The closest to it are Salamanca (187.81), which has been closed for two weeks, and Valladolid (172.72), among the first in which it was applied. Since then it cannot be consumed inside the bars in Soria, which is still above 310; Burgos, which is close to 360, and Segovia, still above 520.

The measure, which is applied to municipalities with more than 5,000 inhabitants and in those fewer where the virus has a high incidence and is not controlled, could lead to the fact that from tomorrow they will not be able to serve either inside Las Navas del Marqués (Ávila), Bembibre (León), Almazán (Soria), Simancas (Valladolid) and Benavente, which would be the first town in the province of Zamora under this restriction.


Meanwhile, this Sunday the average incidence in the whole of Castilla y León has risen slightly both at fourteen and seven days, up to 194 and 92 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, respectively, although it is below the values ​​of a week ago. It has come hand in hand with the increase in the number of cases: 264, above the 201 of the previous day and the 207 of the previous Sunday. Marked, yes, by the weekend effect that pulls down and takes them away from the environment of the 400 in which they have been installed in recent days. An increase that has also slightly increased virus reproduction rate –Ability to infect other people for each infected–, but which is still below the dreaded one (0.90), a figure that Ávila and Valladolid do note.

In the hospitals, which remain relatively stable under the pressure of the pandemic, this Sunday morning 428 patients with positive for coronavirus had been admitted to the ward and another 145 in the ICUs.

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