Parents of young people fined at an illegal party in Zamora ask that they also do social work




The parents of some sanctioned for participating last summer in Vime de Sanabria (Zamora) in an illegal party that brought together more than a hundred people and breached the anticovid-19 regulations have already paid the fine and have also asked their children to perform some kind of social work.

The parents have contacted the regional administration to state that, in addition to paying the € 3,001 fine that was imposed on each of the 91 participants, they were willing to have their children also do some kind of social work.

The data has revealed it the territorial delegate of the Junta de Castilla y León in Zamora, Clara San Damián, which has specified that all sanctions sent by the Civil Guard have already been processed by the Junta de Castilla y León, including the 126,000 euros to the organizer of the event.

San Damián explained that some parents have called the Territorial Delegation of the Board to ask if, in addition to paying the fine, the sanctioned could do some type of social work, something that proposed by “the anger” that had generated that his son had put his health at risk.

Summoned by the networks

The party, convened by social networks with participants from different parts of the country, took place in a place near the urban area of ​​Vime de Sanabria, with sixty inhabitants, between August 7 and 9 and concluded with the eviction of the attendees by court order.

Due to the unauthorized event, the Civil Guard established a control device over the weekend that concluded with the identification of 118 people and the imposition of 162 fines, of which 102 were for participating in the party and failing to comply with the covid-19 prevention measures.

The sanctions imposed for this are part of the 1,650 complaints managed so far by the Territorial Delegation of the Junta de Castilla y León in Zamora for breach of current regulations to deal with the health crisis caused by covid-19.

Of all these complaints, the Civil Guard has issued 1,271, the National Police 208, the Local Police 157, the Territorial Service of Health 13 and the Territorial Service of Culture one.

Clara San Damián has assured that what is happening in the province of Zamora in relation to the pandemic is “very worrying”, so she has asked that no one take it as a joke.

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