Parliament unlocks the election of the RTVE Council




The Mixed Commission (Congress-Senate) of Parliamentary Control of the RTVE Corporation has resolved the appeals presented by about thirty applicants on the operation of the process to elect the members of the RTVE Board of Directors through public tender, thus unblocking the procedure.

This was announced this Tuesday by the vice president and spokesperson of the Senate Table, Cristina Narbona, at the press conference to explain the agreements adopted at the Table of the Upper House.

In this way, as Narbona has specified, in a first stage, the Congress of Deputies will select the members of the Board of Directors that correspond to it and, then, the Senate will do so, on a date yet to be determined.

“We can say that a process that has lasted a long time has been unblocked, where there were almost 100 candidates for the positions of members of the RTVE Board of Directors,” said the vice president of the Upper House, who has described this fact as “a good news »regarding the governance of RTVE.

After the term of the last Council expired, the Socialist Government proposed to Rosa Maria Mateo as sole provisional administrator of the Corporation and in July 2018 Congress approved the appointment, but the renewal is still pending.

The presentation of candidacies for the Presidency and Council of the Corporation began two years ago. It was a Committee of Experts, selected by the parliamentary groups, who was in charge of choosing the 20 most suitable according to a system of points with which both the professional curriculum and a project for RTVE that they had to deliver were valued.

In December 2018, the list with the 20 shortlisted was made public and the Mixed Commission (Congress-Senate) had to, then, make a new screen with the 10 most suitable. But this step was no longer celebrated.

The contest was “frozen” after the call for elections in April 2019. In addition, there were doubts about the possible continuity of the contest, since some thirty applicants had initiated appeals on the operation of the process. And, by means of the highest score, the journalist Alicia G. Montano, passed away.

The Mixed Commission decided to consult the lawyers if it was feasible to continue with the public tender. A question to which they responded by endorsing the procedure.

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