parties and large bottles are reduced by 75% with the Generalitat curfew



The parties private at home and large bottles they have stopped in the city of Alicante as a result of Touch curfew organized by the Generalitat Valenciana in November, with a 75% less of encounters of these characteristics in violation of the regulations, compared to October.

The balance of the Local Police for those two months reflects a total of 913 complaints for disobedience due to the state of alarm in Alicante by failing to comply with the security and health measures decreed to face the coronavirus, according to municipal sources.

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However, the parties in detected homes have gone from 145 to 35 in that period, while the agents have located 10 bottles instead of 37.

Likewise, the number of complaints for not wearing masks and sanctions against hotel and catering establishments has decreased.

From the Department of Security, directed by the mayor José Ramón González, they have specified that the Local Police has filed 572 sanctions in the month of October compared to 341 in November.

Illegal parties have been detected through the complaints from noise, which annoyed the neighbors for complaints from individuals. Regarding the bottles dissolved and located in different squares and parks of the city, the agents evicting the people gathered with preventive operations for their control and surveillance, they have settled with more than 152 minutes by consumption of alcohol filed and 20 complaints from the last month of November.

In addition, the agents have denounced 161 people for not wearing the required protective masks -106 in October and 55 in November-, with fines of 100 euros. From the Local Police it is recalled that the Government obliges people six years of age and older to use the mask at all times on public roads, in outdoor spaces and in closed spaces for public use or open to the public.

Night traffic control of agents
Night traffic control of agents – ABC

Of the total penalties imposed with respect to interventions in establishments hospitality and catering, the police have carried out hundreds of inspections and surveillance, raising a total of 94 penalties for breaching the Schedule of closures, distancing between clients and tables and security measures. Also decreasing in November the sanctions in leisure venues that have been 24 complaints compared to more than 70 in October.

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The Councilor for Security has requested “prevention, awareness, compliance and individual responsibility for all security measures this Christmas”, and thanked all citizens “for the exemplary behavior they have had in these months, decisive to control the number of infections in our city, as well as the exceptional work carried out by the Alicante Local Police to put a stop to the pandemic ».

Likewise, the Police have had to carry out controls from traffic and devices to enforce the curfew, and sanctioned a 28 personsin October compared to more than 137 of the month of November.

Finally, 6 have been sanctioned for substance use narcotics, as well as 5 for breaching the cleaning ordinance in Alicante, and four for smoking on public roads, among others.

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