Pedro Sánchez’s pacts bring the front to the Constitution Day




The pacts of government with Collect and the Catalan independentistas ERC Y PDECat yesterday brought a climate of frentism to Day of the constitution. A day that until now served to vindicate the importance of consensus and political dialogue ended up being the staging of the break between the PSOE and the rest of constitutionalism. The lack of greeting between the head of the Government, Pedro Sanchez, and the leader of the opposition, Pablo Casado, denoted that the relationship between the two has been destroyed to such an extent that it is not even capable of harboring gestures of pure protocol and courtesy.

Far from helping to relax the political situation, the tribute to the Constitution This was the framework for the left and the right to accuse each other of endangering the Constitution. A tension that had a timid reflection on the streets of territories like Catalonia and the Basque Country, where found mobilizations were called. On the one hand in favor of the republic and, on the other, against the cessions to the independence movement.

Sánchez, no questions asked

The head of the Government sent a message lasting just over a minute and left, being the only leader who refused to answer questions from the press. And that he had two chances, because in his first attempt a technical failure prevented his brief intervention from being understood. Beyond a generic celebration of the 42nd anniversary of the Magna Carta, the socialist leader barely made an allusion to the popular, interpreted as a new urge to negotiate the renewal of the Power of attorney. “We say to all political actors that we celebrate Constitution Day: let us fulfill all its articles every day of the year,” he said.

Clearer were his coalition partners, who took the opportunity to launch attacks on the Crown and the main opposition party. The first secretary of the Bureau of Congress, Gerardo Pisarello, affirmed that he faced the homage to the Magna Carta from “clear republican convictions.” The spokesperson for Podemos, Pablo Echenique, was even more explicit. First, he accused “two fifths” of the deputies of keeping the Constitution “under siege.” He included in that list PP by blocking the CGPJ and also to Vox, “Which says that the governments of the dictatorship were better than those of democracy.” Later, he passed judgment on Don Juan Carlos for his desire to regularize his tax situation and asserted that this means “confessing that he has defrauded the Treasury.”

Sánchez asked to comply with “all the articles” and Podemos accused the PP of keeping the Constitution “under siege”

The PP and moderation

The popular, for their part, turned to the celebration of the 6-D. In the networks they activated the campaign “The Constitution is the solution”, and in the Congress Its main leaders, including all its territorial barons, were there to vindicate the principles of the Magna Carta and denounce those who want to destroy it.

Before the event at the Puerta de los Leones, Pablo Casado He appealed to the unity of all the moderates, who “were the ones who built the Constitution,” against the radicals, who were left out. These moderates included liberals, Social Democrats, Christian Democrats, conservatives “and all those who want to continue living together.” That is the majority, he warned, who must defend the values ​​of the Constitution in the front line against the “enemies of the Nation”, who, as he warned, are already part of the State leadership, after approving the first General Budgets of Sánchez.

Later, in an informal talk with journalists, Casado was asked if these “enemies of the Nation” are within the Government, and he answered without hesitation: “Yes,” and pointed directly to Podemos, who defends not only the alleged “right self-determination ”of some regions, but calls for an end to the Constitution to move towards a republic.

The president of the PP, who came with a black tie, as a sign of respect for the more than 70,000 victims of the pandemic, he remembered in a special way the victims of terrorism, «Who see with amazement that Batasuna heirs they are key to governance ”, and also to the Catalans concerned about a government that strengthens its relationship with the independentistas.

The leader of the PP assured yesterday that within the Executive there are enemies of the Nation: «United We Can»

Speech “of part”

Neither before nor after the act was there contact between Sánchez and Casado, who left the Carrera de San Jerónimo without crossing a word. The Prime Minister avoided meeting the popular leader, but he did seek out PP barons such as Feijóo, Moreno O Manueco, to whom he asked about the situation of the pandemic in their respective communities.

Citizens left all the leading role to Inés Arrimadas, in Barcelona, ​​while from Vox, its spokesperson, Ivan Espinosa de los Monteros, denounced that “the enemies of the Constitution are in the Government,” and asked to defend the Magna Carta on all fronts, including the street.

In the midst of all this polarization, the president of Congress, Meritxell BatetHe decided to include “part” ideas in his homage speech. Without direct allusions, but in clear reference to Bildu, he warned that the Constitution requires “to accept the other” and “of course, accept their full and legitimate participation in our political and institutional system.” But while defending deals with all groups in the House, without exclusion, Batet charged against the conservative caucus. Again without direct allusions, the president of Congress pointed out that an “inclusive Constitution demands an honest and open reading; a reading that is also inclusive, that does not intend to appropriate the constitutional text by turning it into a party flag and patrimony “, as a message to the PP, Vox and Ciudadanos.

Batet’s words did not please the conservative ranks. From the PP it was criticized that the speech had been very “loose” and that the phrases “on the part” introduced in the speech were not typical of the day that was commemorated. For their part, from Ciudadanos they considered it “surprising” that Batet did not speak “of separatist and nationalist parties that disbelieve in our democracy and boycott Constitution Day.” “Those who exclude and do not accept the other are the parties that are not capable of even recognizing our Constitution, a bulwark of political pluralism that parties like the separatists hate, to whom the Socialist Party has given the keys and reins of the future of millions of Spaniards” , added sources from the orange bench.

«At Cs we celebrate Constitution Day because we believe in the values ​​that it enshrines: freedom, unity and equality for the Spanish people. We agree on the need to seek agreements between compatriots who think differently and we have shown it, but not at the price of calling Bildu’s seats “patriots”, as the PSOE has recently done, “they added.

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