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Those who find themselves strolling through the Les Glòries shopping center until Friday will almost inevitably stumble upon a timid tent with posters announcing diagnostic tests for covid-19 with results in 15 minutes. A single assistant introduces the famous and annoying “stick” through the noses of those who have dared to check if their body is free of the virus that has managed to lock up the entire world population, while two other people take the client’s data and they inform the curious.

This is a pilot test promoted by the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce open to everyone, in order to end up offering rapid antigen tests to Catalan companies, hand in hand with Blueberry Diagnostics. “Companies are asking to return to normality, and one way to make this possible is by performing routine tests on their workers,” Anna Betoret, marketing manager of the company responsible for the tests, explains to ABC.

The final objective on the part of the Chamber is that the companies can make the realization of these available to their workers rapid tests routinely to ensure safe spaces from covid-19. What is not yet clear is whether it will be the companies that will bear the expense or whether, on the contrary, the workers will have to pay the amount on their own; this, for now, is up to the choice of each company.

Contrary to what was expected in the morning, no large queues have formed: many have come today to ask, but few have taken the test. Despite being much cheaper than a PCR, which is paid in Barcelona at around € 100, the price of this rapid test has not been convincing either.

Most of the people who this morning passed in front of the tent installed in Glòries have shown interest in taking the test, thinking that it was going to be free, but they left soon knowing that it would cost them 30 euros out of their pocket . “Is a quite limiting price»Has commented Rubén Amigó, one of the few who has finished taking the test. He says that he has done it because he has seen it while walking, but that the cost involved will not allow him to pass this control routinely. “I will have to wait for the vaccine to arrive,” he added.

To avoid crowds, the Chamber recommended registering on the website and making an appointment with a specific time. For today there was 45 recorded, but it is estimated that the tests carried out on the day would double that figure.

Among those who did, the main motive that prompted them to do so was curiosity. Despite not having had contact with no positive diagnosed, nor suffer from the symptoms associated with the coronavirus, Miguel Richarte, a resident of the area, took a walk to the tent of the Cambra de Barcelona this morning, when he found out that it had already been installed. “In my house there is not much movement, but I visit my mother frequently and there is always the question of whether it could be asymptomatic”, Miguel explained to this newspaper. Many others have decided to continue using the mask and the hydroalcoholic gel and wait to be suspected of coronavirus to be tested

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