Plant occupancy by Covid patients more than halved in 20 days, but ICUs remain at red levels




If the incidence has fallen exponentially in 20 days, so have hospital admissions. On February 1, 2,096 patients were hospitalized in the plant. In the hospitals of Castilla y León, today the figure is contracting to 800 and the forecast is that the downward rhythm will continue. In parallel, the ucis are also receiving a break, although more slowly, and despite the fact that they are still in the red with 250 critics, they are 78 less than on February 4, when they reached the maximum occupation of this third wave, with 328 covid patients.

If the curve continues to decline and the incidence continues to decline – in these 21 days in February it has gone from 1,296 cases per 100,000 inhabitants to 286.82 in 14 days and from 555 to 100.88 in seven -, the pre -Christmas to centers and non-Covid-19 pathologies that after a year of pandemic suffer, although with less impact in this third wave.

In fact, if the incidence at seven days is observed, Castilla y León has abandoned the garnet color, a very high risk, to reach red with today’s 100.88, that is, it is already at the high level that is situated in the range from 75 to 125 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

The “COVID-19 traffic light” still shows a 13.32 percent occupancy of hospital beds due to coronavirus cases, far from the two percent green color of the new normal. The figures of Board Open Data portal They specify that today there are 800 hospitalized plant patients, while 250 are in the ucis. Although the rate of admission is lower, in the last 48 hours 62 patients have still entered the ward and four in the ICU, 37 and three in 24 hours, reports Ical.


With regard to ICUs, the 250 Covid patients are translated at an occupancy rate of 76 percent. In this case, there are 80 admitted to the critical units of the Río Hortega and Clínico de Valladolid hospitals, at a rate of 40 in each case; at the Burgos Hospital there are 32; 28 in León, plus 15 in El Bierzo, down from 20 in Palencia; the 28 from Salamanca; the 13 from the Segovia Assistance Complex; the 19 from the Soria, and the nine from the Zamora Hospital.

The 800 plant admissions are currently concentrated in the provinces of Valladolid, with 174 among the three hospitals, which are joined by 32 in the Rondilla Building. In León there are 134, the same as in Salamanca. The three centers in Burgos concentrate 74, while the Palencia Hospital adds 84 Covid patients on the floor. In Soria there are 67, while in Zamora they reach 43. In Segovia there are only 29 patients with coronavirus admitted to the plants.

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