Podemos asks Sánchez to guarantee the Sahara referendum in the middle of the migration crisis with Morocco




United We Can (UP) urges the coalition government of Pedro Sanchez to what ensure the holding of a self-determination referendum in Western Sahara and work with the United Nations to “stop the war” and “fulfill the resolutions” of the Security Council. This has been requested by the minority partner of the Executive through a statement sent to the press in the midst of the migration crisis with Morocco.

«The Spanish Government must work at the UN so that MINURSO complies with Resolution 690 of the Security Council of April 29, 1991, which mandates the organization of a referendum with the establishment of a calendar and a fair census, as well as setting the guarantees for its fulfillment “, they defend in the document.

UP’s claim comes five days after the Polisario Front broke the ceasefire signed with Morocco in 1991. “Spain, as the administering power of Western Sahara, has a historical and legal responsibility with the decolonization of the territory ”, they add.

Last weekend, the Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) declared “a state of war” justifying that the Government of Morocco repressed with a military attack a demonstration of Sahrawi activists in Guerguerat (border post that connects Western Sahara with Mauritania) .

The discomfort in some associations for Sahrawi rights was being noticed in recent days on social networks by the silence of the second vice president of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, UP leader, who has always been aware of the Saharawi people. the vice president yesterday broke the silence on Twitter citing a Security Council resolution that calls for consultation.

“‘It reiterates its commitment to hold, without further delay, a free, fair and impartial referendum for the self-determination of the people of Western Sahara …’ United Nations Security Council (January 13, 1995),” he wrote .

«From UP we want to show our deep concern that these incidents may reopen a war as bloody as the one that for years faced the Moroccan Army and the Polisario – the statement continues – This conflict would be disastrous, firstly, for the Sahrawi population, most of whom has lived as a refugee for 45 years in the Algerian desert, but also for the stability of the Maghreb and for the whole of Europe ».

Among the six points that UP raises, the UN and MINURSO are also urged to guarantee the maintenance of the Ceasefire broken by Morocco in Guerguerat so that the situation does not lead to an escalation that ends in open war between the parties. “To the UN Secretary General for the appointment of a Special Representative with sole responsibility for the organization of the Referendum assisted by MINURSO.”

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