Podemos refuses to receive Venezuelan deputies who ask for help in their fight against Maduro




Deputies of the parliament of Venezuela what Nicolas Maduro It tries to appropriate with the electoral farce of last Sunday they demanded this Wednesday in Madrid from the political groups of the Spanish Congress support in their “fight for freedom.” “The one we represent is the only Assembly that will exist until there are no free, fair and verifiable elections,” they claimed, in the words of Winston Flores, of Popular Will.

Venezuelan parliamentarians, currently exiled in Spain, went to the lower house with the purpose of delivering to the groups a report on “fraud in the elections” called by the Chavista regime and an invitation to serve as “observers.” in the popular consultation by the president of the National Assembly and interim president of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó. This initiative is intended for citizens to express their rejection of the regime and support constitutional continuity through the legitimate Assembly.

The delegation was formed, in addition to Winston Flores, by Franco Casella (Popular will), Auristela Vasquez de Castillo (Democratic Action), Eudoro González (First Justice), Ramon Lopez (Justice First) and Concepción Mulino (Clear Accounts) met with deputies from the PSOE (Héctor Gómez, secretary of the International Relations Area), PP (Valentina Martínez Ferro, foreign spokesperson for Congress, among others) and Citizens (Marta Martín and Edmundo Val). In addition, they left the documentation delivered to Vox and the PNV, with whom they contacted but without it being possible to physically meet with their deputies.

“We hope they answer us”

On the other hand, Flores indicated that they have not received a response from United We Can, despite having sent the request to them as to the rest of the formations. He explained that an email was sent to them “and they have not answered yet, although he assured that they plan to” leave the letter the same for the secretariat so that they have it. “Let’s hope that for the sake of debate and dialogue, that we have always been open to UP listening to our cause, they will answer us,” he added.

ABC tried to obtain the version of United We Can, but so far it has not obtained a reply.

In their meetings with the Spanish deputies who received them, the members of the Venezuelan Assembly asked that they help them “with an international coalition to achieve the objectives of freedom in Venezuela”, including the “activation” of the R2P and TIAR mechanisms, of the UN and the OAS, which imply the responsibility of the international community to protect the people of a country from the violation of human rights, including the use of force.

Flores explained that the popular consultation launched by the opposition, in which you can vote online from Monday and will conclude with in-person voting this Saturday, the 12th, will provide “methods of struggle and a strategy for 2021 to achieve the departure from the regime of Nicolás Maduro. The high abstention in the vote on December 6, around 80% according to the opposition, “is not enough,” he pointed out. It is, he explained, that Venezuelans express their rejection of fraud and give “constitutional continuity” in the face of the “power vacuum”, since the Assembly that comes out of those fraudulent elections of the regime, which will be constituted on January 5, it will be illegitimate.

“Zapatero has to listen to us about the reality of Venezuela: hunger, misery, lack of electricity and gasoline, violation of human rights …”, assures deputy Winston Flores

On the other hand, the Venezuelan deputies criticized the former president of the Spanish Government Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero for lending himself to participate as an alleged “observer” in the fraudulent elections alongside figures such as Evo Morales, Rafael Correa, as well as “Cubans, Iranians and North Korea.” «Was the EU, the Carter Center, the OAS, the UN there? No, no democratic and free country, “said Winston Flores.

Regarding the position of the current Government on Zapatero, which has avoided censoring his support for the regime and the electoral farce, he stressed that he has “politically unmarked”, although “respecting” his opinion as a private citizen, something that they also do, assured the exiled deputy.

However, on the statements of the Foreign Minister, Arancha González Laya, in which he asked to “listen carefully” to the former Prime Minister on the situation in Venezuela, Flores assured: “Zapatero has to listen to us about the reality of Venezuela: hunger, misery, lack of electricity and gasoline, violation of rights human rights, the murder of the councilor (Fernando) Albán, the military, the political prisoners (…). That is what I would like Mr. Zapatero to see ».

Precisely, the spokesperson for the Popular Group in Congress, Cuca Gamarra, demanded this Wednesday the Executive of Pedro Sánchez to “uncheck” Zapatero’s position on the elections in Venezuela, since, in her opinion, those elections have been a Electoral “farce” and urged him to support the position of the European Union, reports Ep. Meanwhile, Vox has asked in Congress the disapproval of the former president of the Government for his “links, actions and statements” in favor of the “Chavista regime” of Nicolás Maduro.

The spokeswoman for the Executive Committee of Citizens, Melisa Rodríguez, demanded that the Government not recognize the result of the “fraud elections” on Sunday and ordered it to ignore the requests of the former president of former President Rodríguez Zapatero, whom she presented as an affiliate of Podemos, according to Efe.

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