Poisoned chocolates for Gonzalo Miró



They were poisoned chocolates for Gonzalo Miró. We are talking about those of the final test, the one that meant their elimination in «MasterChef Celebrity 5» after nine exciting galas in which he has evolved so much that, he concluded, his mother would be proud. Surely yes.

The ninth installment of «MasterChef Celebrity 5» started in the best possible way: with the always magnificent Boris Izaguirre present in the kitchen and, therefore, before the one who more than one considers his natural replacement, the stylist Josie, without a doubt the contestant who is giving the most game (and funniest) in this edition.

Boris, finalist of «MasterChef Celebrity 4», made of child of San Ildefonso and he was singing, through a particular bingo, the ingredients with which the aspirants had to work. The tasters were friends with the contestants who tasted the dishes blindly. At stake was a golden apron that freed its wearer from expulsion at the gala. Who most dreamed of the garment was the humorist Flo, because it was equivalent to surpassing his “friend” Santiago Segura, who fell in the ninth step in his participation in the previous «celebrity». Josie He did not have much hope with his proposal based on some asparagus: “I know that a vegetable dish in Spain will never triumph over protein”, reflected the stylist.

I know that a vegetable dish in Spain will never triumph over protein

The jackpot he took Celia villalobos, who sang bingo in the game, which allowed her unlimited access to the supermarket, an advantage that initially blocked her but finally took advantage of it. Opted for a hake in green sauce with a prawn parmentier. It was a success.

Celia’s triumph

He won by an absolute majority, as he did in his day from the hand of Mariano Rajoy, which so much – and so well – his kitchen companion imitates Flo: the malagueña He received 6 votes; just two other contestants, Josie Y Gonzalo Miró, they took one, precisely from their friends. The former minister is looking like, at least, a finalist. The editing grandmother experienced what she described as her “happiest day” on “MasterChef”.


The outdoor test took the applicants to the center of Barcelona, a city that has 22 restaurants that treasure 31 Michelin stars: the Rambla and the market of La Boqueria they wore in RTVE’s “prime time”. The setting was idyllic, but the challenge was close to hell: it was about creating two menus designed by the chefs Oriol Castro, Mateu Casañas Y Eduard Xatruch, experts in molecular cuisine of the restaurant Enjoy, with two Michelin stars.

It was a high-level test because the teams had great reinforcements: the chefs Castro Y Xatruch, the juries Jordi Cruz Y Pepe Rodriguez, and two former applicants from «MasterChef 8».

A CeliaAs the winner of the previous test, it was her responsibility to form teams. Wanted to cook with Rachel Meroño, Ainhoa ​​Arteta Y Flo. This was the blue team, who captained Oriol Castro. They were added later Alberto, finalist of «MasterChef 8». Follow, by the way, with Luna, who was his “temptation” and program partner, who wore the apron of the red team, formed by discard by The Alcorcón Earthquake, Josie, Gonzalo Miró, Nicolas Coronado, and captained by Mateu Casañas. They had to cook anchovies with olives, orange, orange blossom and mint (main) and a complicated dessert (almond cake with apricot, almond shops and sorbet). The blue set was not easy either: tomato and strawberry salad with fresh cheese and pistachio foam (starter) and sea bass in suquet (second course).

The challenge was to cook for a hundred people from Barcelona. Mateu Casañas had to short tie Josie, whom he asked to cook more and talk less. “MasterChef is the military that did not do”, reacted the stylist. In stark contrast, to Ainhoa ​​Arteta they invited her to sing, and she sang, with Jordi Cruz, the «Barcelona» from Montserrat Caballé Y Freddie Mercury.

“The result was very positive,” he praised in general. Samantha Vallejo-Nágera.

Pepe Rodriguez He didn’t throw the bells as much on the fly and was slightly harsh with The Alcorcón Earthquake Y Josie, whom he accused of dedicating more to “marujeo” than to cooking. Saved Gonzalo Miró already Nicolas Coronado, to which he asked for an effort towards the future: “If you had one more speed …”, he dropped.

Each elaboration came out “to the point and perfect”, he judged Jordi Cruz to the blue team, chosen winner. It seemed that nothing would surpass the happiness of Flo, who thus overtook Santiago Segura in his deferred duel, but the one of Rachel Meroño, chosen the best of the test. Oriol said he would take you to his restaurant. It’s nice to see you work, and to see how you progress by leaps and bounds ».

The blue team celebrates its triumph in the outdoor test
The blue team celebrates its triumph in the outdoor test – RTVE

To finish, chocolates

In the final challenge, the applicants had to make truffles and chocolates with elements such as kikos, map zeta O café. They gave him an hour and a half to demonstrate his sweet skills. The jury announced that it would value taste and originality.

It was the seventh pit of Nicolas Coronado Y Josie, which shows that they know how to deal with pressure. Too Gonzalo he is used to it, or else he has horchata blood, as his calm astonished the companions who were watching him from the gallery. More tense she looked The Earthquake, that when he saw himself down there he remembered again Celia villalobos, who had promised that he would choose her for the outdoor test but that in the end he left her out of his team.

Nicolas Coronado made a “very good contribution”, judged Pepe Rodriguez, although the truffles were somewhat hard. “You have earned being my winning horse,” he decided Jordi Cruz.

The minimalist proposal of The Alcorcón Earthquake, which was both a tribute to diverse and varied territories, was spectacular: the bonbon “exploded in the mouth” and the texture of the truffle was “wonderful”, highlighted the chef from Illescas.

The chocolates filled with candied orange Josie They triumphed, but the truffles were clumped. “You are virtuous,” he praised Pepe Rodriguez.

Only remained Gonzalo Miró, who approached his plate to the chefs’ table like someone approaching the slaughterhouse, aware that his colleagues had set the bar very high for him. The white truffle was runny. The chocolate was perfect on the outside but not on the inside, because it was overfilled.

The Alcorcón Earthquake the best of the test was chosen. Josie Y Nicolas Coronado they stayed on the bottom step, and Gonzalo Miró fell off. I’ve been above expectations. Two months ago I didn’t even know how to pick up a frying pan. My mother would be proud of me, “he said goodbye, once again confirming his just fame as a good boy. Flo, with whom he has brought a friendly pique throughout the edition, came down from the gallery to give him a hug. And the journalist ended up confessing that he wants the comedian to be the winner, after overcoming in the final Ainhoa ​​Arteta.

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