Politicians and judges unanimously condemn the attack on magistrate María Sonsoles Sanchidrián




The Professional Association of the Magistracy, the “Francisco de Vitoria” Association, the Association of Judges and Judges for Democracy and the Independent Judicial Forum signed a joint statement to show “their most energetic condemnation” to the titular judge of the Investigating Court of San María la Real de Nieva (Segovia) who suffered an attack and is admitted to the ICU of the City Hospital. The groups of judges wished “his speedy and complete recovery.”

They also recalled that the aggressor, who is detained, had received an adverse civil sentence. “The nature of our role that forces us to make decisions that may be unfavorable to one of the parties to the litigation and sometimes affect fundamental rights, exposes us to this type of situation”, they reflected.

The Judges and Magistrates, through these associations, stated that they exercise jurisdictional functions in defense of the rights and freedoms of citizens. “Any attack of this type, insofar as it is directed not only at the person but also at the function they perform, also constitutes an attack on the basic rules of our coexistence and deserves the rejection of all citizens,” they stressed.

The Popular Party of Segovia has also joined the rejection. “We regret such a terrible event and hope for his speedy recovery both physically and emotionally because we are aware of the trauma that a situation of these characteristics can cause in a person,” they underline in a statement.

The PP asks the Government to “spare no expense when it comes to preserving the safety and integrity of people who work for the rights and duties of all citizens in the rule of law in which we live.”

After regretting and condemning what happened, the Avila City Council conveys all its support to Judge María Sonsoles Sanchidrián Velayos, whom it wishes a speedy recovery, and her family.

The mayor of Santa María la Real de Nieva, Pilar Ares, on behalf of the entire town council, also expressed her “total rejection” and strong condemnation of this attack. “It is intolerable that a person is attacked for exercising his profession, even more so, when that profession is to apply the law,” he said in a brief statement, in which they also wished the judge his speedy recovery, to which they sent “everything our support and affection both for her and her family. Finally, they thanked the Civil Guard agents “for their speed in arresting the aggressor.”

Likewise, the City Council wants to express its solidarity and support to those who, like María Sonsoles Sanchidrián, a native of the walled city, are part of the judiciary.

Yesterday, the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, also spoke in this regard, using his Twitter account to make a “strong” condemnation of the events and to wish the judge a speedy recovery. In addition, he also transferred his support to the judiciary.

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