Protect children from the cold with cotton baby blankets

The baby blankets in cotton they are the ones that can offer the best benefits. Now that the cold seasonsIt is important to protect the little ones from the inclemency of bad weather. The little ones catch colds with amazing ease. In addition, your blanket will be practically like a stuffed animal for them.

Refering to skin sensitivity of children, an organic cotton blanket for babies is one of the materials that better performance can offer you. In the first days of a newborn, the skin is especially sensitive. The natural fabrics, without the presence of chemicals, they do not damage the skin and prevent the appearance of redness.

It is also very important that you take into account, time of the year in which you want to use and what is the temperature in your area. And yes, in the first days of babies it is something that you will have to use for sure. Children come from the warmth of the mother’s womb and must be kept warm.

Cotton blankets are one of the most used, especially for their properties in breathability and softness. It is important to note that they are baby blankets 100% cotton and that they do not present mixtures. Cotton lullaby blankets are perfect for newborns.

All the cotton baby blankets that you will see below are part of the best valued offers within their category. These are the best-selling products that have received the label of specially chosen, by Amazon. Choose your baby blanket and help the little ones stay warm.

100% cotton baby blanket

This 100% cotton baby blanket with pictures of printed hedgehogs is the product best seller within its category. The Medi Partners 100% cotton baby blanket has a lot of uses.

It is to be used as stroller blanket on colder days, as a blanket cradle, for him car… It is a 100% highest quality baby blanket, it does not contain any dangerous elements for children, such as ribbons or threads that protrude.

Furthermore, it is totally respectful with the skin of the smallest. The materials used to make this blanket are completely hypoallergenic. It is a certified product with the Oeko Tex guarantee.

Double-sided baby blanket in cotton muslin

This double sided baby blanket on muslin made of cotton ensures effective protection of baby’s sensitive skin. It is a double-sided baby blanket, made 100% muslin cotton and piqué, it works perfectly as a blanket of coo for newborn babies.

This is a baby blanket double sided and reversible, one side with soft cotton muslin and the other with piqué and cotton trim, which combine perfectly. Plus, it’s machine washable and colorfast.

What’s more, this cotton muslin baby blanket becomes softer with each wash. It has a size of 100 cm X 70 cm, perfect for standard type cribs.

100% cotton baby crib blanket

The crib blanket for baby 100% cotton from mimaDU, one of the best valued brands of rest items for children.

It is a baby crib blanket made 100% in pure cotton, ideal for sensitive skin of the smallest.

The fabric of this 100% cotton crib blanket is super breathable, what makes it perfect for all the stations of the year, even for outside the home, as a baby stroller blanket.

The natural fibers from combed cotton, they give you a extra softness. The cotton fiber combing process produces very soft fabrics, which keep the baby warm, but watch out for heat build-up.

Organic cotton baby blanket

We finished with this baby blanket in organic cotton is another of the products specially chosen by Amazon within its category.

The baby blanket in organic cotton Sweety Fox is also certified to the Oeko Tex Standard, as they have not been used no chemical compounds harmful to the baby’s skin, during its manufacturing process.

It is Extra big, very comfortable and soft. It has a size of 80 x 100 centimeters, perfect for all kinds of uses with the little ones.

Is more, this ecological baby blanket, comes presented in a gift box super elegant, it is the perfect detail, for example for new parents.

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