Protect your baby’s rest with a crib protector

Luchild padded crib bumper

It is padded baby crib bumper is one of the best deals in price quality that you will be able to find. For something has received the distinctive of the specially chosen offers within its category.

The fabric of the cover of this crib bumper is made of cotton, which guarantees you the greatest smoothness and breathability. Presents a microfiber cover and a padding in the same material, with a 330 g / m2 thickness.

It is super soft, comfortable and suitable to protect your baby. With this baby crib protector, you will avoid that the brazos and legs of the child remain caught up. I know fits perfectly, with 2 fasteners at the bottom and top, so that it is firmly fixed.

Long baby bed protector

It is baby bed protector in long format, it’s available in tons of cool kid’s designs. There are 27 different models to choose from, all with the maximum safety features.

With a super soft cotton cover and a anti-allergic polyester filling, this baby bed protector is safe, soft, breathable and totally respectful of the baby’s skin. The cotton used in its manufacture is 100% natural and has been duly tested.

The fastening straps, allow the protection to be attached to the crib bars, so that it fits perfectly fixed and does not slip. With this baby bed protector you make sure that your baby rests calmly, without sleep disturbances, protected from the air and without the risk of bumps.

Bumper-type crib protector

The bumper for baby crib with chichonera by Urban Kanga is made in soft cotton muslin, thin, soft and very breathable. It helps the baby to rest properly and protects him from any blow.

its wraparound design, with fastening loops, is perfectly fixed and it fits all kinds of crib sizes. This crib bumper is padded with acrylic fiber filling, which allows perspiration and helps the child rest.

You can choose between the 4 models of bumper-type crib bumpers, with different colors and motifs, surely some of them perfectly match the decoration of your baby’s room.

Braided Baby Crib Bumper

This is another of the specially chosen offers within its section and one of the top rated crib bumpers within Amazon. It is made in high quality flannel, respectful of baby’s skin, soft and delicate.

Most buyers note the smoothness of this bumper for baby crib, how fluffy it is and how easy it is adapts to the surface Rest. This braided baby crib bumper is hand woven and is particularly shock resistant.

The PP cotton filling Top quality, it guarantees the best breathability of the fabric, so that your child can rest comfortably.

Padded and braided baby crib protector

This other model of braided baby crib protector by Cozywind es very soft and nice. It is made of material of cotton and fine elastane, which guarantees you the best properties of smoothness and breathing of the tissue.

It is available in a 2 meter size and an extra large 4 meter option. It is Very versatile and fits perfectly to all kinds of cribs. In addition, due to its softness and comfort, you can also use it as a back cushion, decoration or as a sleeping pillow.

Prevent your baby’s hands and legs from hitting the crib and help him rest easy.

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