“PSG cheats, Real Madrid doesn’t”



The president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, it is clear that the Real Madrid It has been “the best club in Europe” when it comes to “managing at an economic level” the crisis that arose with the pandemic and also “does not cheat” like the PSG nor does he have “any financial problems”, and he also removed some iron from the non-arrival of any great signing this campaign because he believes that with Vinicius and Ansu Fati They are going to “have a good time.”

“Real Madrid has been the best club in Europe, by far, when it comes to managing the issue of the pandemic at an economic level. He has always had budgetary rigor of his salary expense and the strategy of transferring and selling players has been very important, and by not making any incorporation his situation is better and allows him to manage a box and have access to financing, “said Tebas during the presentation this Wednesday of the agreement between LaLiga and Burger King.

The president warned that if the Madrid club is undertaking the reform of the Santiago Bernabéu with a 30-year loan “it is because it has the economic capacity.” “He has no financial problem,” he stressed before criticizing the French PSG again.

“He cheats and Real Madrid does not and it is not a ‘state club’. PSG has a salary expense close to 600 million euros and audiovisual rights in France have fallen by 40 percent, it is impossible that it can pay and that its sponsors contribute 30 percent more than what the rest of the clubs enter » , he asserted.

For this reason, and in relation to some words that came out in the media about the Madrid team could undertake the signings of Kylian Mbappé y Erling Haalad, it was clear. «You have to put them in context. I said it in an Integrity Forum and they asked me if Spanish football was ruined. It is not and I not only said that Real Madrid could do it, also that FC Barcelona is not the ruin that is said, there are other clubs in Europe with worse ratios and it can come out if it structures the debt well, “he explained.

In this sense, Thebes pointed out that they have already contacted Joan Laporta, Blaugrana president, after he said that he had “a sick obsession” with the club after indicating in an interview with ‘Sport’ that he had not done everything possible to retain Leo Messi.

«We sure understand each other well. He knows my opinion and what happened, confirmed by a witness, but we don’t have to think about it anymore, Messi is no longer there and LaLiga must continue working and Barça must continue competing and achieve the sporting goals. For the reasons why Messi left, ask Barça, “he added.

Ansu Fati and Vinicius

The president of LaLiga also did not give more importance to the fact that neither Mbappé nor Haaland fell in the championship. «It bothered me the same that Messi or Neymar are not playing here or Mourinho and Guardiola training. We would like to have the best, but that is impossible because there are very good leagues in the world. In addition, between Ansu Fati and Vinicius we are going to have a good time and then we will say that the young people are with us, “he said.

And it is that the leader believes that the Brazilian winger, of whom his celebration with the stands seemed “bad” after scoring against Celta, “is going to burst” this season, and that if the Hispano-Guinean and Dembélé had been on Tuesday against Bayern “it would have been another FC Barcelona”, while also showing a predilection for Atlético Marcos Llorente.

The president also wished that soon there could be full capacity in football stadiums. “We have taken steps in the communities where we believe that it is being unfair and they have agreed with us in Valencia and the Basque Country. We are going to wait and see what is proposed in the Interterritorial Council because Madrid and Andalusia already allow one hundred percent capacity in theaters and concerts. If there are restrictive measures we will go anywhere to defend football, “he warned.

On the other hand, the leader regretted that in the next break they will have “the same problem” with the players called up for the South American Qualifiers and made it clear that “there is much left” of the Champions League and that he is not worried about the image of LaLiga after this Tuesday neither FC Barcelona, ​​nor Seville nor Villarreal won.

«I think that LaLiga’s leadership does not depend on these results, it depends on those of many seasons. I think the Premier League was close to seven years without winning it and that was when it grew the most, ”the president stressed.

Finally, he was also asked about the new audiovisual rights agreement and confirmed that LaLiga bodies will approve “the form of the contest this week” and that next week they will be presented to the National Competition Market Commission. “Between October 22 and November 22, the offers will be received and it will be known who the winners of the different lots are on November 25, although it can also be declared void,” he explained.

Thebes clarified that they have “raised” to the operators that what they are “looking for is that the distribution is greater than that of up to now.” «Now we only have two (Telefónica and Orange) as a consequence of the competition rules and hopefully Telefónica will continue, but we are trying to get more companies to attend this new competition that can distribute them and that more can reach everyone. And that will surely affect prices, “he said.

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