PSOE and Podemos reach an agreement to stop evictions while the state of alarm lasts




PSOE and United We Can (UP) have reached an agreement in the Government to paralyze evictions without housing alternative to vulnerable families while the alarm state lastsAccording to sources from the Vice Presidency of Social Rights and the 2030 Agenda. The current decree ends on January 31 and with this extension the coalition has agreed to extend it until May.

We can hope that it will be able to appear in the Council of Ministers “as soon as possible”, “hopefully” next Tuesday, although they prefer not to take a date for sure. For their part, PSOE sources in the Government said yesterday that it would be presented before Christmas.

The agreement they have reached in the coalition government has been filtered by Podemos before the Minister of Transport, Jose Luis Ábalos, on whom the Housing area depends, pronounce on the matter. Another gesture that makes manifest the pulse that PSOE and UP were fighting in the coalition to capitalize on the social measure.

UP, ERC and Bildu yesterday withdrew the anti-eviction amendment to the Budgets. It was difficult for the vice president’s party to convince the investiture partners since they had no guarantees that the measure would be fulfilled in the terms they demanded. The initiative registered by the shortlist of 53 deputies sought to maintain the prohibition of evictions and supply cuts until December 2022.

Less than what the amendment asked for

The agreement reached by the Vice Presidency and Transportation is to extend the ban until May for the moment. Less than your claim in the amendment. But the environment of the vice president claims that thanks to them the debate was opened in the Government. And as regards supply cuts, they point out, negotiations are continuing and they hope to soon be able to report an agreement under the same terms.

Iglesias squeezed the Socialists on Thursday and, also ahead of the Transport Minister, announced that “in the next few days” they would present the rule. The spokesman and finance minister, María Jesús Montero, was used to underline yesterday that it is Transport who works on the decree, as well as socialist sources explained in Congress that the Ministry of Justice of Juan Carlos Campo works to “spin fine” with the law and not indirectly favor squatting by hastily legislating.

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