Puig warns of new restrictions if there is a rebound in coronavirus after the bridge




The President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, has warned this Wednesday that there will be new restrictions in Christmas and a occurs upturn in the contagion of coronavirus as a consequence of the holiday bridge that has just ended. However, it considers the current unchanged measures “sufficient” for the time being.

After presenting the 2020 campaign ‘El Nadal és valencià’, he pointed out that “the decree to extend the perimeter from the Valencian Community to the next January 15“which will be raised exceptionally on December 23, 24, 25 and 31 and January 1.

However, although “in principle” these measures, together with Touch from remains and the limitation of diners are “sufficient”, he has pointed out that as the evolution of the pandemic is monitored “permanently”, if within a week, when the effects of the December bridge will be observed, a rebound is detected “it is necessary to take decisions immediately. “

[La Generalitat Valenciana no espera al Ministerio de Sanidad y activa las medidas para Navidad]

Puig has defended that the Valencian Community “always” has adopted the measures from “serenity and respect” of what the experts have raised and “without taking compulsive measures”. In addition, he recalled that an agreement was reached in the Interterritorial Council last week that “remains in force in all aspects.”

Other autonomies

In that sense, asked about the intention of Murcia of not allowing relatives to enter the days indicated at Christmas, has verified that it will mean that Valencians “will not be able to go” as well as “if others open longer, they will not be able to go because they will not be able to leave” the Community. For this reason, he has advocated “clarifying” the measures and making them “the most homogeneous possible “so as not to cause confusion to citizens”.

In any case, he has insisted that the restrictions that have been adopted are intended to “preserve all that has been advanced” in the fight against the pandemic since we are in “a moment from stabilization clear and of reduction from cumulative incidence“.

However, he stressed that “in no case can there be the slightest relaxation, but quite the opposite: we must be able to live these special dates in the most responsible way possible” because, he stressed, “joy and responsibility are compatible “.

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