Puigdemont lands in Sardinia pending the judicial decision on his extradition to Spain




Carles Puigdemont is already in Sardinia. The MEP and leader of Junts has arrived this Sunday on the Italian island, as Ep has advanced and they have confirmed to ABC from the Office of the former president of the Generalitat, to appear before the Justice tomorrow after he was arrested and released on 23 September as soon as he set foot on Italian soil, upon detecting that the MEP an arrest warrant signed by the Supreme Court of Spain.

Pending the action of Justice for the ‘procés’ and fled from Spain since 2017, Puigdemont appears tomorrow before the Court of Appeal of Sassari, which must determine whether to apply the euro arrest and extradition order that Supreme Court magistrate Pablo Llarena ensures it is still in force against Puigdemont, Clara Ponsatí and Toni Comín, all MEPs and escapees from Justice. Ponsatí and Comín have accompanied Puigdemont, today, on his trip to Sardinia.

Llarena recalled in his letter this week sent to the Italian Justice that at no time has he deactivated the Euroorders and asked the Sardinian investigating judge for the immediate arrest and surrender of Puigdemont or, failing that, that a case is open against him pending the decision of the Luxembourg Court which must decide on the preliminary ruling raised by Llarena himself.


In a defense move, Puigdemont asked the General Court of the European Union (TGUE), after Llarena’s letter sent to Italy, the reactivation of parliamentary immunity, which he lost in July, and which, according to the TGUE, could be reactivated in the event that there was a high risk that Puigdemont would be arrested and could not exercise his functions as MEP that he continues to keep intact.

The Sardinian court before which the former Catalan regional president will testify tomorrow is made up of three judges, reports Ep, and will address the arguments of the parties, including the brief sent by Llarena, the instructor of the ‘procés’ case. After his arrest in Italy (the third, after having been detained in Belgium and Germany since 2017), the investigating judge in the case left Puigdemont free and without precautionary measures, with the only obligation to appear tomorrow.

Yesterday, in statements to TV3, the Italian lawyer of the escaped regional president, Agostinangelo Marras, He pointed out that currently, in his opinion, “there are all the elements for the Euroorder not to be executed” and pointed out that if, finally, the Italian Justice decides to hand over Puigdemont to the Spanish authorities “at the procedural level it would be an unfounded and unfair decision »And would be challenged.

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