Putin criticizes the presence of foreign troops in Syria in a meeting with Assad in Moscow

Putin holds a meeting with Assad in Moscow on an unannounced visit


The president of Russia, Vladimir Putin, has met with his Syrian counterpart, Bashar al Assad, in Moscow, in an unannounced visit, revealed by the Kremlin on Tuesday morning, and in which the Russian president has crossed out the presence of foreign troops in Syria as a “problem” that “prevents making the maximum effort to consolidate the nation.”

According to the Russian agency Sputnik, in the framework of the meeting this Monday, Putin congratulated Al Assad on his victory in the Syrian presidential elections and asserted that the result “shows that people trust him” and that he associates him with the “process of recovery “despite” the difficulties and tragedies of the past years.

Putin has also highlighted the Syrian president’s push for dialogue with his opponents, a process that he hopes will “continue.” “The consolidation of all forces is the only thing that will allow Syria to rise up and advance consistently,” said the Russian leader in the framework of the meeting.

“The fundamental problem, in my view, is that some foreign troops remain in certain areas of Syria without their consent and without the authorization of the UN, which clearly contradicts international law and prevents making the maximum effort to consolidate the nation and promote restoration at a rate that would be possible if the legitimate government controlled the entire territory, “he added.

Another obstacle, as he has pointed out, is the resistance of illegal armed groups that, in addition to controlling some areas, continue to terrorize the population, as he has denounced.

On the other hand, the Syrian Presidency has pointed out that the meeting has discussed bilateral cooperation and the actions taken for its “expansion and development” with a view to achieving “common interests.”

According to Al Assad’s office, the meeting was joined by the Syrian Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, and the Russian Defense Officer, General Sergei Shoigu, to address the collaboration between the armies of both countries in the fight against terrorism. and the “liberation of territories under terrorist organizations.”

At the meeting, the presidents have emphasized the importance of “completing the work” on the political track to “reach a consensus among the Syrian parties without any external interference,” the Presidency deepened on its Twitter profile.


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