Putin orders to start vaccination in Russia on a large scale

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President Vladimir Putin, who triumphantly announced the certification of the world’s first vaccine on August 11, the Spútnik V, He did not want to be put down after the London announcement of the imminent start of vaccination in general in the United Kingdom and has ordered that the campaign also be undertaken in Russia next week.

“I would ask you to organize the work in such a way that by the end of next week we have already started the large-scale vaccination“Putin said yesterday when addressing the Deputy Prime Minister, Tatiana Gólikova, who is in charge of the fight against Covid-19, in the course of a telematic meeting on the occasion of the opening of multifunctional medical centers of the Russian Defense Ministry.

The top Russian leader explained that nearly two million doses of Spútnik V have already been produced, an amount that will allow the start of vaccination. Golikova responded by noting that “we have the potential to start mass vaccination now in December” and stressed that the drug it will be administered on a voluntary basis.

The Deputy Prime Minister assured that “an assessment is being made of which are the priority groups of the citizenry that will be vaccinated in the first place”, later corroborating, as confirmed by Putin, that “two of these groups will be doctors and teachers” .

Spútnik V has been created and developed by the Gamaléi National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology in Moscow. It received its official certification on August 11 and is currently at the end of the third and final phase of clinical trials. Its creators claim that it has more than 95% efficient and its price will be around 15 euros. A score of countries in the world have announced their intention to administer the Russian vaccine to their nationals.

Russia is approaching 2,400,000 cases of coronavirus since the beginning of the pandemic, thus occupying fourth place on the list of affected worldwide, behind the US, India and Brazil. The Eurasian country yesterday broke the record of deaths in one day with 589 and already exceeds 51,000 deaths since the virus broke out.

In addition to Spútnik V, two other vaccines are being developed in Russia and one Chinese and one British are being tested. The EpiVakCorona, created by the Véktor Research Institute of Novosibirsk (Siberia), is almost ready, with the third phase of clinical trials in a very advanced phase, and the experimentation of the third Russian drug designed to create immunity against coronavirus is also progressing favorably. , the one prepared at the Chumakov Institute in Moscow.

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