Puy du Fou will open the new season on March 27 with four new shows



In the midst of the economic crisis, the Puy du Fou theme park, located in Toledo, continues with its great expansion project and thanks to another more than 86 million euros that are being invested in this new phase, as of March 27 it will open a new season in which the show “El Sueño de Toledo” will add another four more of spectacular dimensions and a careful scenography with special effects, decorations and acrobatics, three of them indoors and others outdoors.

Present at the presentation yesterday in the parue were the president of Puy du Fou, Nicolas de Villiers; the CEO of Puy du Fou Spain, Erwan de la Villéon; the vice president of Puy du Fou Spain, Jesús Sainz; and the deputy general director of the park in Spain, José Ramón Molinero.

Along with these shows, in the 30 hectares that the theme park already occupies, other attractions are added with four new period towns to enter even more in a historical environment, such as the Puebla Real, the Andalusian Askar, the Venta de Isidro and El Arrabal, located at the foot of the great wall.

The first of the shows, called “The last song” is located in the recently conquered Castile of the eleventh century, and the visitor will know the exceptional life trajectory of a Castilian knight, frontier man and brave warrior, who sacrificed everything for honor: The Last Song of Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, Cid and Campeador.

It is an “unusual theater never seen in this country” where the spectator “will experience great emotions as they follow the spectacular feats of a great figure of legend.”

The second show to be released next spring is «A pen and sword ”, set in Toledo in 1592. As the organization explains in the synopsis of the event, the Golden Age shines with a thousand lights on this 80-meter-wide stage. Tonight is the first performance of the new creation by Don Fernán Gómez, playwright, as well as mayor of Toledo. But things don’t go as planned. Apparently, the true author of the work is not who he claims to be, and suddenly the impassive Lope de Vega comes to recover his.

«The visitor will be dazzled by the great adventure of this spirited swordsman and author of legend; as well as for the monumental choreographies of Andalusian horses and dancers from Toledo ”, says the park.

The third pass goes to the year 939 with “Falconry of Kings”, located in the great time of the Caliphate of Córdoba. After the Battle of Simancas, Caliph Abderramán III proposed a truce to the Christians, to which Count Fernán González de Castilla responded with a gift: a royal eagle. Abderramán III and his guest compete in a peaceful joust with his hundreds of birds.

By last, In “Beyond the sea ocean” you can travel to 1492, when after a last interview with Queen Isabel and the preparations in the Puerto de Palos, the visitor is invited to embark as a crew member of the ship Santa María to experience the great expedition in the search for a new route to the Indies in the first person .

New towns

In its 30 hectares, four visited villages will be located as of next season. Thus, the Askkar Andalusí It represents the splendid Caliphate camp which has been erected at the gates of the stands of the “Falconry of Kings” show. In this set of colorful jaimas, the best artisans of leather and damascene come together, newcomers from Medina Azahara. The Askar is also a place to discover typical dishes of the Umayyad gastronomy.

The Real Puebla it stands on stone and old wood walls, arched doors, and ancient roofs. The park explains that Tuerto Miguel invites visitors by pouring out the best wines; while Valle, regent of the Mesón del Buen Yantar, offers some of the tastiest dishes of ancient Castile. A few meters away, the Hospedería de Santiago houses the pilgrims, in the workshop they prepare rich marzipan, and the swordsman works without ceasing to forge their swords.

The third scenario, Isidro’s Sale, arises in a land that is still untamed, where the young farmers Isidro and María have settled with just a handful of cattle. Over time, his hard work has flourished and it is now a crossroads shop where people make pilgrimages to taste freshly sourced food from the land and their farm animals: vegetables, cheeses, legumes and spectacular meats à la ember.

Finally, in The suburbAt the entrance to the great wall of Puy du Fou Spain, there is a medieval market where merchants seem to have gone back in time to set up their stalls in the shade of large awnings. A meeting place thanks to its large outdoor terraces.

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