Radical turn in the accusation of sexual abuse against Prince Andrés




Prince Andrew breathes a little easier after the first intervention of his new lawyer in the pre-trial hearing, in which a civil lawsuit against him for rape filed by Virginia Roberts is analyzed. Andrew Brettler, has described as “unfounded” and “potentially illegal” the lawsuit, which is part of the case of pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

The key lies in a Confidential agreement between the applicant and Epstein in 2009 that would release the son of Queen Elizabeth II from “all responsibility”. “There has been a conciliation agreement that the plaintiff has entered into in a previous action that releases the Duke and others from any potential liability,” he specifically indicated, to request a copy of the agreement, which is sealed. This was the main revelation of the pre-trial hearing to be held in a New York court.

Epstein hanged himself in his cell in August 2019, when he was indicted on charges of sex trafficking and conspiracy to sex trafficking of minors. In this way the trial was closed, although the lawsuits against the pedophile’s collaborators, such as his Madame Ghislaine Maxwell, remained.

Delivery of documentation

In addition, Brettler has denied that his client was properly notified of the procedures and he has argued that it is up to the High Court of London to determine whether the documents had been properly received by the prince.

It must be remembered that for weeks the British press published that the Duke of York had been hiding in order not to receive the official notification. Finally, the summons for the lawsuit was served to him at the Royal Lodge in Windsor on the morning of Aug. 27, according to a witness statement filed in federal court in Manhattan.

Lawyer David Boies, representing Roberts, defended himself alleging that the lawsuit had been “Delivered to the defendant’s last known address”, and that the documents had also been sent by ‘Royal Mail. “We believe that we have complied with the notification requirement and we presented the proof of notification last Friday,” he assured.

Finally, Judge Kaplan has given the plaintiff’s lawyer a week to find an alternative method of delivering legal documents to the prince and has called a new in-person hearing for the month of October.

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