Ramón Calderón does not forgive Kiko Rivera and they will see each other in court




Despite the encounter that Kiko Rivera he had with his mother, Isabel PantojaAs a result of the death of his grandmother, the waters are not as calm as some have led to believe. What’s more, everything points to new hurricanes being announced in Cantora given the continuous outbursts that the DJ does not stop starring in in the last hours.

Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja
Kiko Rivera and Isabel Pantoja – Telecinco

Not content to lash out at his cousin Anabel and blaming her for almost everything bad that happened to her mother and including her sister on that list Isa, whom he criticizes for going to the ‘Ana Rosa’ program to talk only about the family, yesterday Kiko lived another day in continuous eruption attacking on his social networks anyone who questioned him. He attacked ‘Salvame’ for insinuating that he was partying with a woman (he clarified that she was the wife of a friend) and assured that he did not plan to go to that program anymore “I already know that your audience is short and your program is going to hell “, While launching another trip to his sister, who hours earlier had commented that she was fed up with his attacks:” You are no more than anyone and you are more than me. ”

Kiko returned the message with a most enraged tweet where he questioned Isa when he remembered the bad times he lived years ago with his family: “Did what he said about my grandmother mother and such happened to all of you?”

Kiko Rivera and Chabelita Pantoja
Kiko Rivera and Chabelita Pantoja – Gtres

But this is not the end of the fronts of a Kiko Rivera who claims to be good with his mother, but who still does not return to Cantora and has chosen this bridge to pass it with some friends in an Andalusian town.

Nobody doubts that Isabel Pantoja will have to end up forgiving the shifts of her unstable son (she has called him from mean and creeping to a bad mother and a finished artist). But the one who is not about to forget and turn the page is the lawyer and former president of Real Madrid, Ramon Calderon, whom Rivera called a “scoundrel” in a prime-time program on Telecinco and accused him of deceiving him with the inheritance left by his father after dying in the ring. Calderón has confirmed to ABC that the lawsuit he filed in court against the son of his great friend Francisco Rivera ‘Paquirri’ Not only does he go ahead but the date set to meet in court is next November 10. In front of the judge, Kiko Rivera will have to explain why he publicly insulted Calderón and made him responsible for alleged crimes.

It should be remembered that Calderón acted as executor in defense of the rights of Kiko, who was a child at the time, and that he did so in favor of the great friendship he always had with the right-hander. Insulted and publicly harassed, Calderón plans to go to the end in what corresponds to his defense of honor, image and privacy. Here there is no forgiveness that is worth and less after having tried a rectification to avoid a trial, something to which Kiko did not pay interest either.

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