Rapper Cardi B, named Woman of the Year by «Billboard» magazine




The rapper of Dominican origin Cardi B She has been named Woman of the Year by the music magazine “Billboard”, which this Wednesday highlights her stellar career but also her business side, her defense of social justice and her positivity regarding topics that have been taboo for years, such as pleasure female.

The New York artist launched this summer with the rapper Megan Thee Stallion the song “WAP”, which opened a debate on feminism and generated criticism among the most conservative political sectors for its explicit lyrics about female pleasure and its daring video clip.

In her usual close and conversational tone, the singer tells the magazine: “I want to show people that you can do positive things, but you can also be yourself. I like justice, I like to work and be creative. But I also like to celebrate my pussy ”, and added:“ I have been super used to listening to obscene rap music since I was a child, Trina, Khia, Lil’ Kim, Jacki-O, Foxy [Brown]. For me “WAP” was just one more song of that style, but it caused too much controversy. Many, many Republicans condemned it, “he recalls. «I am a very sexual person and I love my vagina. I like rapping about her. I do not hurt anyone with that, “he stresses.

In political matters, he declares his support for the president-elect, Joe Biden, and that is why he has lived as “a victory to see people celebrating Biden’s triumph with the song I did with Megan (Thee Stallion). Have you already noticed? It’s the power of the vagina! ”He declares. He also denounces the misunderstanding of the “followers of (Donald) Trump»Towards the Black Lives Matter movement, ensuring that in the protests over the death of George Floyd there was looting “because there are many black people being unjustly murdered” and advocates hiring “good-hearted” police.

At 28 years old and with a daughter of two and a half years, Cardi B has begun to recognize herself as a role model for many people, although she still not comfortable with the term “activist”. “I know that I am a model because I know that there are many women like me, but deep down I know that I am a bitch that I have gotten ahead because I work my ass off, not because things went well for me as if by magic”, she indicates .

The record-breaking singer who has reached the Grammy in just three years since her debut, says she is now “more knowledgeable in business” and has hired professionals to review her deals, including clothing lines with the Fashion brand. Nova and a subscription to the OnlyFans online service.

Among other things, the singer, who has millions of followers on the same social networks that propelled her, also shows concern about her “toxicity” and about how to deal with the problem when her two-year-old daughter, Culture, get older and expose yourself to them so that you are not affected by “nasty” comments.

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