Raül Romeva, the epicenter of the foreign action of the ‘procés’ from which the TdC asks for 2.1 million euros




Raül Romeva (Madrid, 1971), to whom the Court of Auditors provisionally claims 2.1 million euros for the funds diverted for the foreign promotion of the ‘procés’ had a crucial role in the efforts to try internationalize the Catalan conflict, since Carles Puigdemont assigned him the Ministry of Foreign Action at the beginning of 2016, when the illegal referendum seriously pointed to the plans of the independentistas.

Raised in Caldes de Montbui (Barcelona), Romeva has a degree in Economics and a doctorate in International Relations and is known for his love of sports, and especially swimming. He has two children and is married to Diana Riba, who after her imprisonment for October 1 began to become more actively involved with the political independence movement. In fact, Riba has followed in her footsteps and is a member of the European Parliament, as Romeva was for almost a decade, although she is because of ERC while her husband defended the eco-socialist postulates at the time.

With work experience at Unesco and Intermón-Oxfam, among other institutions, Romeva’s political side led him to the European Parliament and years later he returned to Catalonia to fully immerse himself in regional politics in its stage of greatest institutional shock. Specifically, Romeva was an ICV MEP for three legislatures, between 2004 and 2014, and even reached vice chair of the green group for five years. However, he ended up breaking with the ecosocialist training because of the Catalan conflict, about which he began to have a much more drastic opinion than the training, between now and when he dissociated himself from it in March 2015. Shortly after, he began to actively collaborate with Òmnium Cultural and became responsible for one of its campaigns, ‘Ara es l’hora’, in preparation for the referendum.

Romeva’s involvement in the separatist issue began to be a reality when in 2015 he was chosen to head the Junts pel Sí list, taking advantage of the fact that he was an independent profile, neither from CiU nor from ERC. Two years later, in 2017, he remained in Parliament but within the ERC candidacy. Then, Romeva took a leap forward when he began to lead the Ministry of Institutional and Foreign Relations and Transparency, which had among your missions the task of internationalizing the ‘procés’, an action that the pro-independence leaders of that time considered that it suited him perfectly with his experience in European institutions.

During this stage he attempted several international missions and intensified the opening of what are known as Catalan ’embassies’. On October 1, however, he was sent to jail. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison and has spent almost three and a half years within, until last week he received a pardon from the Government along with other comrades from the ‘procés’. «We continue with the same convictions and the same desire to continue working towards this end and this irreversible path that we have marked for ourselves and that we will culminate, sooner or later, “he said after leaving Lledoners prison.

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