Real Madrid, the need to win to avoid the word “mini-crisis”



Carlo’s motto Ancelotti is direct. Win as it is and if possible playing well, but winning in any case, to haggle the media bombardment that will speak of crisis. After a draw and a defeat, which ended the winning streak and brought Real Madrid down to earth, Ancelotti reads amazed, although at this point in his career nothing surprises him, that he should give Casemiro and even Benzema rest, when the need for a victory is urgent. He has spoken with his men to demand concentration and defensive discipline in the challenge of adding the three points in Cornellá against the Spanish team, directed by Vicente Moreno.

The coach must choose two men between Camavinga, Valverde, Modric and Casemiro to accompany Kroos in the center of the field

Inside the locker room it has been analyzed that they, the footballers, are the culprits of the fiasco before the Sheriff, but they also argue that the coach constantly changes their position and they would like him to choose an eleven type and a more or less fixed position to each. Players point out that they rotate too much through different positions. It is not a justification, that a feeling objective of the squad, who knows they need a victory after drawing with Villarreal and losing with the Sheriff.

A failure in Barcelona would introduce Real Madrid into a sour situation before the national team break, with the rumor mill that this produces over fifteen days after which they will face Shakhtar in the Champions League and at Barcelona at the Camp Nou. It is a complicated month and the veterans of the team say that you have to get to the classic with your homework done. After a great start in the league, two bad results have put the team in an unknown state. If there is a negative third party, doubts will grow at the rate of criticism.

Ancelotti’s first measure to restore order is the ownership of Kroos. The german returns in order to give a rudder in command of the team. The coach has already chosen a director and has yet to decide who his teammates will be in midfield. He has a nice problem, as Valverde, Casemiro, Modric and Camavinga aspire to those two positions.

The Italian waits for Mendy to solve the side’s dilemma; The coach confirmed, as this newspaper announced, that the Frenchman will reappear against Shakhtar on October 19

In an elegantly self-critical reflection, past bull, he thinks that he was wrong to give Modric a rest against Villarreal, because with the Croatian he could have won possession of the rival. He reserved it for the Champions League duel, a match that the whites were always going to dominate and could have done with other men. It’s easy to say with the results in front of you, but the Real Madrid did not draw and lost either for that decision. There were failures in defense and in the auction. Now rGet Kroos back to inject another style.

Carlo experiences another dilemma up front, where Hazard and Rodrygo bid for a place in the eleven. Asensio is out due to discomfort in a gluteus and Isco due to an overload.

The main problem is on the sides. The head of Real Madrid sports is waiting for Mendy to resolve this dispute. The Italian confirmed that the French will reappear against Shakhtar in two weeks, as ABC announced yesterday. Today he must determine if he covers the X file with Nacho and Miguel on the wings or if he introduces Lucas on the right and sends Nacho on the left. Carvajal has no return date.


Goalkeepers: Courtois, Lunin and Luis López.

Defenses: Militão, Alaba, Vallejo, Nacho and Miguel.

Midfielders: Kroos, Modric, Casemiro, Valverde, Lucas y Camavinga.

Forwards: Hazard, Benzema, Jovic, Vini Jr. and Rodrygo.

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