Real Madrid: Zidane: «I am not going to resign»



Madrid can play the Europa League in February. It sounds like bar counter madness at five in the morning, which Thebes would say, but it is absolutely real. For the first time in the history of the European Cup since it is played in Champions format, 28 years ago, the white club may be cut off in the first phase, and it would be on their own merits. He has not been able to win either of the two games against Shakhtar, perhaps the rival with the lowest potential in the group, and from the first day he has transmitted a clear feeling of walking on the edge of the abyss, but Zidane does not lower his arms or think about measures dramatic: «I am not going to resign. I have the strength to reverse this situation.

It was a bipolar match, as has happened to the white team on more occasions in these first three months of the season so irregular. A good first part, with chances, sticks and zero arrivals from the rival team, and a second to throw away: “In the first forty-five minutes we deserved the goal and this would have changed the game, but his goal did us a lot of damage”, analyzed Zidane , who does not believe that his players have a lack of football in their boots: «Today we pressed up, we stole balls, we created chances and I do not think it is a problem with the game. The only thing is that it is difficult for us to score the first goal, which always makes the game easier. They are streaks and the one now is not good for us, but we are going to continue working and believe in ourselves.

It was seen Madrid lacking strength after the local 1-0, just starting the second half. The team fell mentally, but also on the legs, although Kroos denies it: “I don’t think it was a physical issue. I’m fine, but if you lose the games everything is negative. If you win you are always more confident than when you lose, “explained the German, who is already thinking about the decisive match against Borussia:” We have no choice but to win the last game and then we’ll see if that helps us get through. “

A meeting in which Ramos is expected to be there, and in which Casemiro will start. Zidane surprised last night with eleven leaving the Brazilian on the bench, but it is also true that the South American pivot was warned of sanction. Where the French coach has no excuse is in the changes. Reacted late, very late. It was not until 77 that the Frenchman shook the tree, when the team was already down on the scoreboard and for twenty-five minutes had shown clear symptoms of fatigue and obvious tactical imbalances, such as the one caused by the first goal of the Ukrainians: «I made the changes when I thought it was time, “Zidane justified, that next Wednesday his continuity on the Real Madrid bench could be at stake.

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