Record of deaths in Aragon, officially announcing a “fourth wave” of Covid




November has been, by far, the most lethal month of the coronavirus in Aragon. In the nine months of a pandemic that this region has been experiencing, no other has scored such a high number of deaths from Covid. It has widely exceeded 600 deaths, a threshold that was not even reached in April, which until now had been the deadliest month.

Given the evidence of the statistics that the pandemic has left in this Community, the Aragonese Government has recognized that Aragon has already accumulated three waves of coronavirus. And, when this third pandemic wave continues to add deaths, from the Executive chaired by Javier Lambán has officially announced a fourth wave of Covid for January.

“We are going to have a fourth wave in January, it is not something that we can not even question,” said a few days ago the general director of Public Health of the Aragonese Government Francisco Javier Falo. He said it at a press conference in which he accompanied the Minister of Health of Lambán, the also socialist Sira Repollés, which endorsed the words of its CEO and took that fourth wave for granted in a region that has been especially precocious at the national level to suffer severe and uncontrolled outbreaks. It happened in July, when it became the worst regional focus of Covid in all of Europe after the second wave, which started early in Aragon at the end of June, as soon as the state of alarm was lifted. And it happened again in October.

This deadly third wave that runs through Aragon has been attributed by the Aragonese Government to the multiplication of social contacts and mobility that occurred during the Pilar holiday weekend, in mid-October.

In the last two weeks, there has been a sharp decline in the number of new infections in Aragon, confirming that the third wave of Covid is subsiding. But the effects of the soaring spread of the virus in the previous weeks is still reflected in the high hospital occupancy and in the daily death registry.

In the absence of knowing the data of the last 24 hours, the balance of the last day of November, From 1 to 29, this region accumulated 638 deaths from coronavirus, well above the 593 registered in April, in the great wave of spring.

Since the pandemic began nine months ago, Aragon has officially reported 2,350 deaths from Covid-19. And practically 30% of all of them have been concentrated in November.

The contagion statistics also leave figures soaring in the last two months in Aragon: 22,253 in October and more than 15,000 in November.

Although the effects of the third wave of coronavirus that started in October are subsiding, the hospitalization and death figures remain high. Hence, Aragon still maintains most of the restrictions it imposed weeks ago. Although this Tuesday the perimeter confinement of its three provincial capitals has been lifted, it maintains the closure of its autonomous and provincial limits, which prevents free mobility both with neighboring regions and between the Aragonese provinces themselves.

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