Registrations sink again in November by 18.7%



It’s still very, very cold in the auto market. Sales of passenger cars and SUVs sank again in November, 18.7%, after falling by 21% in October, with a decrease in the accumulated of the year of 35%. Not even the threat of an early increase in the registration tax – and therefore in the price of cars – since January, due to the new emissions tests, attracted buyers.

In fact, in a joint statement the three signatory associations, Anfac, Faconauto and Ganvam jointly warn of the “serious risk” for the sector of the increase in the registration tax in January 2021. “Half of the vehicles sold In 2021 they will see their taxation increased at the time of purchase due to the entry into operation of the European WLTP regulation, which represents a new way of measuring CO2 emissions and therefore impacts on the Registration tax, which is paid based on of these emissions “, according to the three employers.

“The European standard does not seek to increase taxation, but rather to better measure vehicle emissions, but in Spain, it does imply a 5% increase in vehicle tax. This effect does not occur in all European countries, which do not always have a registration tax, but, in those where it would, like France and Portugal, modifications of the tax have been approved so that the WLTP works without raising taxes. This average price increase of 5% will mean, in such a bad environment for vehicle sales, a worsening of the sector’s situation, making it even more difficult to get out of the crisis and with the consequent impact on both employment and the economy of the country and in the automotive value chain ”, they argue.

Sales to individuals actually fell by 25.11%, although not as much as acquisitions by renters. Purchases by companies in this sector, greatly affected by the collapse of tourism, fell by 35.88%.

Since the pandemic began, sales have only been in positive territory in July, when they increased by 1.1%, encouraged by stagnant demand and in the heat of the then recently announced Automotive Boost Plan. This plan includes aid for scrapping and the purchase of new low-emission vehicles (Renove and Move plans).

Light commercial vehicle registrations fell 8.1% in the month compared to November 2019, to 15,627 units, while commercial vehicles registered a slight decline of 0.6%, with 2,693 units.

The second wave of coronavirus also slows the growth of the motorcycle sector, which fell 17.4% in November. This is the second consecutive month of negative figures in this market, after a period of four months on the rise after the spring lockdowns. In the motorcycle market, the private channel contracted by 9.3%, the company channel rose 1.3% and the rental channel fell 94.8%.

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