restrictions on family gatherings and Christmas curfew due to coronavirus


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08:40Restrictions on family reunions and Christmas curfew due to coronavirus
The Generalitat Valencia is already studying extending the current limitations to Covid-19 but it will wait until December 9 to evaluate the epidemiological situation. As of today, the cumulative incidence of the coronavirus is close to three hundred infected per 100,000 inhabitants, triple than when the month of October began. [Más información sobre el coronavirus]

08:35Confinement in Valencia: list of the 50 municipalities with the highest increase in coronavirus cases
The restrictions decreed by the Generalitat do not stop the increase in the accumulated incidence of Covid-19. [Lea aquí la noticia completa]

08:30Confinement in Valencia: the Police fined 711 people for breaking the curfew and sanctions 1,051 locals
The agents also file 143 complaints for making private meetings with more than six people. [Más información en este enlace]

08:25Confinement in Valencia: a class of three-year-old children is quarantined for fourteen days without having PCRs done
Parents complain that there is no plan to reconcile confinement by the coronavirus with employment. [Lea aquí la información completa]

08:20Confinement in Valencia: list of the latest outbreaks of coronavirus by municipalities
Multiple Covid-19 infections are triggered again, going from 40 to 70 in a day with 346 new positives, 22 in a focus in Cheste. [Mapa y listado en este enlace]

08:15Confinement in Valencia: new rebound of the coronavirus with 1,908 infections and 29 more deaths
Valencian hospitals currently have 1,634 admitted people affected by the coronavirus and 285 are in the ICU for the Covid-19. [Más información en este enlace]

08:10Confinement in Valencia: the Generalitat plans to apply restrictions to meetings at Christmas due to the coronavirus
Health is studying implementing measures to prevent the parties from “leading to an uncontrolled situation” of the Covid-19. [Lea aquí la noticia completa]

08:00Confinement in Valencia: all restrictions that will be in force until December 9
The Generalitat extends the closure of the Valencian Community to prevent the spread of coronavirus and the limitations against Covid-19 to the hotel industry, commerce and social gatherings until after the Constitution and Immaculate bridge. [Más información en este enlace]

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